Environmental Control

One of the goals of the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office is the protection and preservation of human health and the environment. Strict compliance with the myriad of federal laws, state regulations and county ordinances is a major component of our Environmental Control program. A variety of regulatory programs are administered and maintained to minimize potential environmental hazards.

Additional responsibilities include the identification, inspection and evaluation of potential environmental hazards, such as asbestos, lead, and indoor air quality. By tracking, labeling and communicating these issues, we are better able to protect the human health and environment for our University community.

Besides the population immediately on campus, the Environmental Control program has an even greater responsibility. That is to be a leader in environmental regulatory compliance, to be a good neighbor, and to control all phases of our operations in order to minimize any adverse effects to the environment we live in. To achieve this lofty goal it is essential to provide employees with information to understand their responsibilities for the lawful handling of environmental problems relating to hazardous substances, air pollution, and water pollution. Join us in making this world an even better place for everyone.

If you have questions about Environmental Control, email Kevin Brady or call (323)343-3527.

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