Food Safety Awareness / Permit


The University EHS Office is the only department authorized to issue temporary food permits for food activities on campus. The process is that any food-related sponsor must review the University's food guidelines and initiate a temporary food permit for their specific activity. Any unauthorized or non-permitted food activity is subject to immediate closure. There are specific restrictions related to BBQs on campus and the guidelines should be reviewed thoroughly before proceeding with any such activity.

All University food establishments are inspected by the County and receive a letter grade consistent with Los Angeles County health standards. University organizations and visitors are allowed to use a caterer on campus as long as the caterer maintains a minimum of 85 or greater health rating with the County DHS. The EHS Office reviews this requirement when a temporary food permit-utilizing caterers is submitted. To find out the health rating of any establishment in Los Angeles County go to the Department of Health Services site. For questions contact EHS Office at extension 3-3549 or UAS at extension 3-5370.

Please visit the LA County Health Department website to access food facility ratings.

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