Risk Management Forms

Request for Travel form used by faculty, staff and students for business and academic domestic and international travel.

Request for Travel Supplemental Information Form please submit this form along with the Request for Travel above to provide additional information to our office and the CSU insurance company that provides international travel insurance as a way of contacting stateside family if an emergency should come up while the traveling faculty, staff or administrator is out of the country.

Emergency Information Guidelines Form - Use this form to provide confidential information for students on field trips. The field trip coordinator/supervisor will keep a copy on field trip travel and a copy of the form will remain in the college office or department. This form is meant to have confidential information and so the Risk Management Office does not need to receive a copy of this form.

State Vehicle Driver Program Enrollment Form - State driver training instruction requires enrollment. The enrollment form after completion should be faxed (3-3464) or sent to the CSLA campus driver training coordinator in the Corporation Yard Building Room 244.


Authorization To Use Privately Owned Vehicles On State Business- Form STD 261 - this form certifies that when the personal vehicle is used on state business the employee will be in possession of a valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance amongst other requirements.

Vehicle Accident Report Form for State Drivers - this form is used for reporting accidents in state or any vehicle when traveling on official business.

Travel Expense Claim Form - the Travel Expense Claim Form is used for reporting expenses incurred when traveling on official business.

Class Schedules Defensive Driving Training

The CSU pamphlet containing guidelines on state and private vehicle use on business:

Department of General Services

Post Accident Procedures for State Drivers (Vehicle Accident Reporting): This form contains post-accident procedures/information.

Review of State Driver Accidents (Form STD 274) (Supervisor Vehicle Accident Report) - Post-vehicle accident supervisor review. Supervisor completes form and submits to CSLA campus driver training coordinator within 48 hours.

The attached letter from the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) is used to describe insurance coverage on state vehicles.

Cal State LA Site Visit Checklist – this form is typically used when initiating student off-campus placements.


Student Field Trip and Travel Guidelines, Emergency Procedures Guidelines and the Field Trip Emergency Guideline Form information.

General Release Forms:

Individual General Release - this form is used for student and non-employee event participation for both on and off-campus events. College or department initiating use of this document should retain (for one year).

Class General Release - this form can be used for student course-related field trips or mass travel-related activity. College or department initiating use of this document should retain (for one year).

Class General Release for Athletics - this form is typically used by the Athletics Department when conducting off campus sports-related activities.

U.S. State Department website information re. travel warnings, advisories in conjunction with using the General Release form: 2018 New State Dept Travel Site


College of Arts and Letters report of injury forms. For more information on completion and distribution please contact the College of Arts and Letters at 323-343-4001.

Injury Report
Accident Report

Public Affairs – Photo release and student related film request forms; please contact the Public Affairs Office for additional information at 323-343-3050.

Photo Release

Photo Release (Spanish)