State Vehicle Program

The Office of Risk Management at Cal State L.A. has responsibility for ensuring that employees receive adequate and effective safety instruction regarding driving and driver safety while on official state business travel. We provide on-campus monthly training classes throughout the year, venues, certification upon completion, and guidance to employees and employee-volunteers on driver safety. Training dates can be located by clicking on the 'Training' tab. Email the Environmental Health and Safety office for assistance.

Cal State L.A.  Defensive Driver Training Program Options:

  1. In-classroom training that consists of a twenty-minute (20) video, participant feedback-based interaction and a Public Safety Department presentation on various topics (e.g. current year DMV legislation, motor vehicle rules/regulations, and police officer responsibilities that parallel typical driver-related issues. The campus emergency preparedness program is also discussed).
  2. The Cal State L.A. CSU defensive driver training module, is an online driver training program that is approximately one and a half hours long and includes the ability to stop and re-start your progress.

    To get to the Defensive Driving Fundamentals program you must first have Acrobat Adobe and Java Script on your computer. If you do not have Acrobat Adobe and Java Script please contact your IT person responsible for your area to assist in downloading the software.

    Once the program is in place, click on the link and log-in. The log-in process will get you to the module launch page. After launch, begin the program.

    At the completion of the Defensive Driving Fundamentals course please do not forget to download, print and forward a copy of the certificate of completion document to the Risk Management Office, CYA (Corporate Yard Administration), Room 244. You can find the certificate of completion icon (which is a red ribbon) on the page that tracks ‘My Progress’. The copy authenticates your attendance and completion.

    If you have not already completed an enrollment form you will also need to complete the attached {DDT} State Vehicle Driver Program Enrollment Form If you experience problems viewing this video, please contact your ITC or email the Environmental Health and Safety office.

  3. California Department of General Services (DGS) driver training module - approximately two and a half hours long. Please be sure, for this on-line training class taken, to send a copy of the certificate of completion awarded at the completion of the training to: California State University, Los Angeles, Attn: Driver Training Coordinator, Risk Management, CYA (Corporate Yard Administration) Room 244, 5151 State University Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90032.

    Click to Begin Training

State Vehicle Driver Program Enrollment Form: This form requires enrollment into the driver program and subsequent attendance at least once every four years.

Please take a moment to review the program brochure for more information:

State Vehicle Driver Program Brochure

Memorandum Vans and Commercial Drivers License Endorsements

2010 Campus Cart Policy

State Vehicle Driver Program Internal Procedures

Use of University and Private Vehicles Guidelines July 2012

The attached letter from the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) is used to describe insurance coverage on state vehicles.

Taylor Dunn Electric Cart Vehicle Safety Rules and Operating Instructions:  Click here to view the Taylor Dunn Electric Cart/Vehicle [safety rules and operating instructions link].  Then open the Operating Instructions to review the safety protocols in being able to safely operate a Taylor Dunn Electric Cart/Vehicle.  Operators of ALL electric carts/vehicles must attend safety-related training on their proper use and on the governing university policies of such use.

Authorization To Use Privately Owned Vehicles On State Business- Form STD 261 - This form certifies that when the personal vehicle is used on state business the employee will be in possession of a valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance amongst other requirements.

Vehicle Accident Report Form for State Drivers - This form is used for reporting accidents in state or any vehicle when traveling on official business.

Supervisor's Review of Vehicle Accident Report - This form is completed by the supervisor of an employee reporting a vehicle accident when on state business.