Student Health & Safety

Faculty Checklists for Student Health and Safety

The following information addresses health and safety related issues and emergency procedures about which faculty are expected to advise or assist students.

Classroom Safety Checklists

These forms will assist faculty in understanding their role in providing a safe learning environment for the students, according to the CSU policy on Health and Safety for Employees and Students. Students will be provided with the appropriate safety information related to hazards encountered in each instructional environment. Faculty, Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants will be responsible for providing this information during the first class meeting and throughout the semester. Reference Executive Order 1039 from the Chancellor's Office.


Safety and relevant hazard information for the instructional environment is provided below for both faculty and students.  Note that the "instructor" version is developed to assist faculty in presenting this information. The "student" version should be completed by each student and retained in the department records. Records should be retained for at least 3 years per CSU retention schedule.

   Generally Applicable

   Specific Classes

If you have any questions related to these checklists please contact the RM/EHS office at extension 3-3549 or 3-3531.


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