GS-13 Form

Download GS-13 Form


It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that your GS-13 Form is signed by ALL Committee members and your Department Chair, and that the form is submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies on or before the final deadline. Communicate with your Committee members well in advance to make sure you can secure their signatures before they leave campus for the semester break or otherwise become unavailable before the GS‑13 deadline. No late GS-13 Forms will be accepted!


Master’s and doctoral candidates must obtain the signatures of all Committee members and the Department Chair(s) on the GS-13 Form and submit it to the Office of Graduate Studies (LIB N A124) in order for the thesis, project, or dissertation to be officially accepted by the University. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Download GS-13 Form to your computer. Fill out the required fields on your computer. The names and signatures of your Committee members MUST match those on your GS‑12 Form (if you completed one when you established your Committee). Print one hardcopy of this form; regular white printer paper is fine.

  2. Obtain signatures of all Committee members in blue or black ink on the same page. Your final defense or presentation, if you have one, is your best opportunity to obtain all signatures. Absolutely NO SCANS OR PHOTOCOPIES OF SIGNATURES will be accepted.

  3. Submit the signed GS-13 Form with original ink signatures to the Office of Graduate Studies by Friday of finals week at 12 noon.

FAQ About the GS-13

There are more signature lines on the form than I have members on my Committee. What should I do?

Type in names for only as many Committee members as you have; not all lines must be completed if you don’t have that many Committee members.

My Department Chair is also on my Committee. How many times do they sign the form?

If the Department Chair is also on the Committee, they will sign the GS-13 twice: once as the Department Chair, and once as a member of the Committee.

A member of my Committee is out of town and not available to sign the GS-13. What should I do?

If a Committee member (other than the Committee Chair) is away from the Los Angeles area and will be unavailable to sign the GS‑13 Form prior to the stated deadline, the Department Chair may sign for up to one Committee member in absentia. In that case, the absent Committee member must email their approval of the Candidate’s thesis/dissertation and permission to sign in absentia to the Department Chair and copy the Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator on that email. Candidates should contact the Office of Graduate Studies about any other issues related to availability.

I am a PhD candidate in Special Education. Do I have to submit a GS-13 form?

No. PhD candidates in Special Education will forward to the Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator the dissertation approval email from UCLA Graduate Division in lieu of a GS-13 Form.

Can I make additional edits after I upload my manuscript to ProQuest?

Candidates may upload revised versions of their manuscripts to ProQuest so long as the GS-13 has not yet been submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. However, the final deadline for content edits is the same as the GS-13 deadline. Reviewers may request additional format edits and other information after the final upload to ProQuest. Candidates are responsible for notifying their Committee members that requested edits to content are due for upload to the ProQuest ETD Administrator website by the GS-13 deadline (the last Friday of the semester). Candidates who do not submit their GS-13 and final content edits by this date risk not completing their theses/dissertations in the current semester.