School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics

  • 9 Criminalistics grad students, former Governor of Ca, Gray Davis & Senator Robert “Bob” Hertzberg  HDFSC 10th year Anniversary
  • Los Angeles District Attorney, Jackie Lacey speaking at the Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center’s 10th year Anniversary.
  • Five Criminal Justice undergraduate students with former Governor of California, Gray Davis at the HDFSC 10th year Anniversary
  • Three Criminalistics Student using a UV alternate light source to search for biological stains.
  • Criminal Justice and Criminalistics Staff with 1st Asst Chief Michel Moore, Sen Robert “Bob” Hertzberg, former Gov. Gray Davis
  • Cal State LA University Pres William A. Covino, former Gov of Ca, Gray Davis. Sen Robert “Bob” Hertzberg HDFSC 10th year Anniver
  • Photo of Los Angeles Skyline
  • Photo of Lobby Of Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center
  • Photo of Laboratory Apparatus
  • Alpha Phi Sigma students with Professor Smolter and Dr. Gauthier
  • Twenty-three undergraduate students with Judge Lofton during an Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society meeting.
  • Dr. K. Roberts and Criminalistics graduate students

Director’s Welcome and School Mission

Welcome to the School of Criminal Justice & Criminalistics, a leading program in the study of criminal justice and criminalistics in California. Our faculty are dedicated to bridging research, policy, and practice in the classroom and through their research.


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