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Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium

The Southern California Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium (GSWEC) is the nation's first major regional consortium consisting of GSWEC-accredited graduate social work programs, geriatric social work agencies and a variety of health and social aging service providers.  Funding for student stipends comes from private foundations with a goal of creating a replicable and sustainable model for integrated field and academic graduate geriatric social work education. The goal is to advance preparation of geriatric social workers in order to strengthen the quality of care available to older populations.

Stipend:  Students are selected directly through GSWEC and receive a stipend varying from $4,000 to $6,000.  A primary field placement is customized to students' geriatric practice interests.  A secondary case-based experience complements the continuum of care and offers opportunities for specialized learning needs and a macro project.  Students receive competency-based training, a certificate upon program completion and participate in a special graduation program at the end of the year.

Admission:  Students must be in the Aging and Family Concentration to apply.   The application process starts every January during the 2nd year field education placement process (during the first year of field education).  Students are selected and matched with a GSWEC agency through the 2nd year interview process.