Honors College Program Requirements for Students Entering Fall 2020 

The Honors College Curriculum and Requirements:

15 Lower Division units + 6 upper Division GE units + Honors Declaration (0 units) + Senior Thesis/Project.

Students who complete the program and their major with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher will receive an Honors College designation on their transcripts and on their diploma.

Students who are admitted to the Honors College in their junior year satisfy the 15-unit lower division requirement by completing their lower division General Education requirements with a GPA of 3.5 or higher or by completing a comparable lower-division Honors program.

Lower Division Required Courses (12 units)

HNRS 1010 - Introduction to Academic Inquiry in the Honors College (3) 
HNRS 1100 - Reading Los Angeles: Communication in the City of Angels (3) 
HNRS 1200 - Reading Los Angeles: Engaging Cultural Expressions in a Global City (3) 
HNRS 1300 - Reading Los Angeles: Community and Structure in the Metropolis (3) 

Lower Division Electives (3 units)

Students select 3 units of lower division Honors Electives with advisor approval.

HNRS 2900 - Honors Declaration (0)

The purpose of the Honors Declaration is for Honors College students to formally transition into their upper division Honors coursework by reflecting on their engagement with core Honors College outcomes up to this point in their undergraduate careers, and by developing a proposal for the remainder of their undergraduate career that is linked to their long-term academic and professional career goals.

All Honors College students complete an Honors Declaration before beginning (generally the second semester of sophomore year if students entered as new freshmen in the Honors College) or just as they begin their Honors upper division theme (generally at the beginning of their first semester if students enter as juniors). These students enroll in the following course:

Upper-Division General Education Courses (6 units)

Honors College students complete two-courses on “Wicked Problems.” Courses in this sequence meet Upper-Division General Education requirements.

HNRS 3200 - Humanities Approaches to Race, Ethnicity, and “Wicked” Problems (3) 
HNRS 3300 - Addressing “Wicked” Problems through the Social Sciences: A Case Study in Diverse Communities (3) 
HNRS 3400 - Addressing “Wicked” Problems: A Natural Sciences Case Study (3) 

Honors Contracts

With permission of the course instructor and the director of the Honors College, students may create an honors contract to convert a course into honors courses. Honors contracts allow students to explore the subject in greater depth and at a higher level of academic rigor. An honors contract must meet one or more of the honors college learning outcomes.

Honors Thesis/Project

The Honors College undergraduate experience culminates in the thesis, a required advanced research or creative project completed either in the student’s undergraduate degree program or in the Honors College. An honors-level undergraduate thesis project will promote focus, depth, and independence and will develop creativity, resilience, and patience. By completing the thesis students will be demonstrating the ability to become producers of knowledge in their own right.

Students will complete the thesis/project requirement in conjunction with offerings in their major department/college (variable units) may create an honors thesis/project contract with permission of the instructor and Honors Director/Associate Director. Students who select this option enroll in the following course:

HNRS 4970 - Honors College Senior Forum (1) 

For more information, check out the The Honors College in the University Catalog