There are four types of living accomodations available during your time at Cal State LA: Homestay, Apartment, Extended-Stay Hotel, or at the Dormitory on Campus. The International Office has compiled helpful information and resources to help you find the most appropriate accomodations for your study in Los Angeles experience. 

How to Apply for On-Campus Housing

Space is very limited, so you must apply early!

International Students
If you are a matriculated International Student with a Campus Identification Number (CIN), please apply online.

  • Click here to read about housing and residence life.
  • Visit this website to apply.

Study in L.A. Students
If you are a Study in L.A. student, please follow the following application instructions.

  • Click here to read the Prospective Residents Housing Benefits and Services page.
  • Visit this website to apply.
  • Download and Print the following forms (you can type on the screen before you print)
    • Housing Services Application and License Agreement
    • Emergency Contact Form
    • Tuberculosis Verification Form (must be completed by student’s doctor and turned in to Housing Services at least 2 weeks before arrival)
    • Meningococcal Disease Notification Form
  • Click here to review the Detailed Payment Schedule for deadlines and amounts due.  (Phase I/II double occupancy schedule).
  • Click here to review Meal Plan options (optional if you want to include meals – if not, the apartments have kitchens for your use).
  • Fill out the License Agreement, emergency and medical forms.  MAKE SURE THE STUDENT SIGNS ALL OF THESE FORMS!!!
  • Attach your Check or International Money Order for the Room Rental + Fees + Meal Plan (if you want the meal plan). View the payment schedule.  Make sure you send the total amount due.  Please send a separate Check or Money Order for each student. DO NOT USE THE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT METHOD! DO NOT SUBMIT ONLINE!

If not paying online, mail the Housing Services Application and License Agreement, and Payment to:

Cal State LA Housing Services
5300 Paseo Rancho Castilla
Los Angeles, California 90032 USA

  • You can check the status of your application by emailing askhousing@cslanet.calstatela.edu. Wait about three weeks. Then, you should call them to check on your application at telephone +1 323 343 4800. It is very important to call Housing if the academic semester will begin soon.
  • Housing Services will send you an email (but if you applied late, you need to call them). The email will tell you the result of your application.
  • Two results are possible:
    • You received a room! Good! You will hear from the Housing Services Office if you are approved for a room.
    • You didn’t get a room and you are now on the Waitlist. If you did not get a room and are on the Waitlist, you should look for another housing option immediately.  Don’t wait – make another plan immediately – homestay, apartment or hotel.

How to Apply for Off-Campus Housing

Campus Location:  California State University, Los Angeles is located where the 710 and 10 Freeways intersect.   http://www.calstatela.edu/misc/trans/index.htm

Transportation from the Airport:  Taxis are expensive.  Many people use “shared van ride” services instead.  www.supershuttle.com   or  www.primetimeshuttle.com

Homestay Companies:  provide living arrangements with an American family in the family’s home.  Different options are available regarding meals, laundry access. 

American Homestay Network:  www.homestaynetwork.com

Homestay Services International:  www.homestayservices.com

StudentLink International:  www.istudentlink.com

Universal Student Housing:  www.ushstudent.com

Aparment List www.apartmentlist.com/ca/los-angeles

Suggested Housing Areas:  Areas to the north and east of campus are recommended.  Here are some suggested cities:  Alhambra, South Pasadena, Pasadena, San Gabriel, Temple City, Rosemead

Apartments in nearby Alhambra:  Tell the manager you are an international student and cannot get a social security number. Ask if you can make payment arrangements without a “credit check.” Get a written receipt for all payments!

Chapel Apartments:  336 N. Chapel Avenue, Alhambra, 626-570-4948
Larch Apartments:  1624 Larch Street, Alhambra, 626-576-7832
Marianne Apartments:  112 E. Alhambra Road, Alhambra, 626-300-8550
El Rancho Apartments:  1201 W. Mission Road, Alhambra, 626-308-3925
Huntington Oaks Apartments:  1620 W. Huntington Drive, Alhambra, 626-576-1906
Woodside Terrace Apartments:  400 N. Chapel Avenue, Alhambra, 626-284-7363
Shadow Terrace Apartments:  303 S. Almansor Street, Alhambra, 626-284-1834
Huntington Monterey Apartments:  626-573-9616
Second Street Apartments:  808 N. 2nd Street, Alhambra, 626-299-0906
Al Palms Manor:  110 N. Marengo Avenue, Alhambra, 626-289-4906
Jade Gardens Rental Office:  109 S. Almansor Street, Alhambra, 626-282-2007
Alcole Properties:  606 S. 6th Street, Alhambra, 626-308-1221
Potrero Partners:  Serving the Alhambra Area, 626-569-1819
Websites:  General search for apartments (use the cities mentioned above to search)                                                                                                                    

Zip (Postal) Code Map:


Renting an Apartment
1. The landlord will probably ask for a social security number when you apply. Please tell the landlord you are an international student at Cal State LA and, by law, cannot get a social security number. Ask if you can make special payment arrangements without a “Credit Check”.
2. Always get a written receipt for any and all deposits, rent payments, and any other payments you make to the landlord or management company.
3. Ask the landlord about the time period of the lease. Make sure the time period of the lease fits with your plans. If the lease goes beyond your planned stay in the USA, you will still have to pay the entire amount of the lease!
4. You will probably be asked to sign a rental contract – read it carefully and make sure you understand it BEFORE you sign. Get copies of all documents.
5. Most apartments do not have furniture. Some do not have refrigerators. Sometimes the landlord will provide a refrigerator for a small charge. Also, the landlord may have suggestions about renting furniture.
6. All apartments are required by law to have heat and hot water. If you need air conditioning (cool air), make sure you ask about that because it is not always in the apartment.
7. Utilities:  Ask about the electricity, gas, and water. Usually, the tenant (you) pay for electricity and gas. The landlord usually pays for water. You will need to arrange for the electricity and gas to be in your name so that you can receive the bills. You may be required to pay a deposit to the utility company. Use these links:

a. For electricity outside LA city boundary:  Southern California Edison:  www.SCE.com
b. For electricity inside LA city boundary:  LADWP:  www.ladwp.com
c. For natural gas:  Southern California Gas:  www.socalgas.com

8. Television:  Provided by cable TV companies for a monthly fee. Check with your landlord to see which companies service the area.

For additional housing information and resources, please click here.

How to Apply for Homestay (Host Family)

If you want to live with an area family (Host Family), you should try to live in the El Sereno neighborhood of Los Angeles or in the nearby cities of Alhambra, South Pasadena, Pasadena, San Gabriel, Arcadia, or Monterey Park – these are nice cities and fairly close to campus. They also have a lot of buses for you to ride to school. There are several options available:

American Homestay Network:
Contact Ms. Victoria Nettles by email at homestay@homestaynetwork.com or by telephone at +1 888 268 1903. Alternatively, you can go to the website at www.homestaynetwork.com, read the website about their innovative programs, and follow the instructions to apply on line.

Homestay Services International:
Contact Mr. Jae Hopkins, Director by email at homestay@homestayservices.com, by telephone at +1 619 461 4764, or by fax at +1 619 670 3397. Alternatively, you can go to the website at www.homestayservices.com, read the website and follow the instructions to download the application or apply online.

StudentLink International:
Contact StudentLink by email at info@istudentlink.com or go to their website at www.istudentlink.com/CSULA.html and follow the instructions to apply online. When you fill in the application, be sure to choose “Cal State LA” for “College You'll Attend.”

Universal Student Housing (USH):
For Universal Student Housing, you can find out about prices at www.ushstudent.com/homestay-csu-la-american-culture-language, and you can apply online by clicking “Apply” at the top of their home page at www.ushstudent.com. Be sure to choose “Homestay”, and when you fill in the application, be sure to choose “California State University, Los Angeles” under “School.” If you have difficulties with the form, you send an inquiry to contact@usaish.com.


Transportation from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) cannot be arranged by the International Office, but can often be arranged through one of the Homestay providers listed above if you will be living with a Host Family. Otherwise, we suggest you contact the following sources for airport transportation: for taxis, search www.layellowcab.com or www.unitedtaxi.com for shuttles, see www.supershuttle.com or www.primetimeshuttle.com