Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Information security is everybody's responsibility!

Guidelines for Faculty

The following actions violate FERPA requirements:

  • Use students' Social Security Numbers for publicly posting grades.
  • Publicly publish a student's name together with his/her Social Security Number, including in reports, web directories, and databases.
  • Discuss a student's progress with anyone without the student's consent.
  • Divulge a student's schedule to anyone who is trying to locate a student except an authorized University employee.
  • Leave graded tests or papers where they are accessible to other students or individuals.
  • Provide your class rosters to anyone except another authorized University employee.
  • Provide your class roster for any commercial purpose.
  • Publicly publish class lists containing student names, Social Security Numbers, or grades as an attendance roster.

When in doubt about how to treat student education records, immediately contact the Office of University Counsel at 323-343-3054.

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