Vendor Contact Information



Telephone Number

Scott Hayes
Senior Account Executive

Tel: (949) 481-8174

Jim Evans
Account Executive

Tel: (800) 800-2775 x46904

Chris Cummins
Senior Systems Engineer

Tel: (949) 545-7727

Apple Store (University Purchases): Click this → Store login

Then, search for CA STATE UNIV LOS ANGELES after pulling down California.

Apple Store (Personal Purchases):



Telephone Number

Jeff Dahlman
Inside Sales Account Manager

Office: +800 981 3355
Ext.  5139108

Dave Otto
Account Executive

Cell:   (805) 377-4342

James L. Carranco
Inside Sales Account Manager

Office: +800 981 3355
Ext.  5139659

Jorge Contreras
Sr. Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Office: 626-336-2926
Cell:   323-697-5446


Dell Store (Personal Purchases):



Telephone Number

Paula Gibb
Sales Rep for IRG (subcontractor, baseline products)
Or for Paula directly:

Tel: (310) 883-2503
Fax: (310) 388-0757

Casey Monroe
Account Manager

Tel:  (888) 596-7740

Dan Mitchell
Server and Storage Inside Sales Representative

800 277 8988
Ext. 7712165

Lance Underhill
Field Account Manager>

Tel:  (310) 372-0168
Cell:  (310) 529-6579

Gary Truesdale
Enterprise Account Manager (SoCal)

Tel:   (310) 658-0922

HP Store (University Purchases):

HP Corporate Employee Purchase Program:



Telephone Number

Jackson Tsao
Sr. Account Public Sector Executive

Cell: (661) 904-0901
Fax: (661) 753-9251
Tel: (661) 753-9241

Lenovo Store (University Purchases): Contact Jackson Tsao

Lenovo Store (Personal Purchases):

Accessory Vendors


Telephone Number

Susan Martin (Logitech)
Sales Manager.

Cell:  (949) 370-1781

Sandy Barber (Eco Style Cases)

Cell:  (310) 770-6422

Kurt Markley (Apricorn USB Drives)
Regional Sales Manager.

Tel:   (858) 513-4440
Cell:  (760) 809-1352

Dedrick Martin (Anchor Pad,
Business Machine Security Company)
Sales Manager.

Tel:   (714) 990-3218
Cell:  (714) 337-9280
FAX:  (714) 990-5409
Toll Free:  (800) 626-2467



Telephone Number

Stacey Gravett (T-Mobile)
Government and Education Account Manager

Cell:  (310) 256-6916

AT&T Business Number Service Menu Number: 888-944-0447

Victor Espiritu Jr. (AT&T)
Campus Sales Representative - Higher Education Mobility Solutions

Phone:  (213) 304-5314 FAX:  (866) 710-6159

Omar Albarran (Verizon)
Governmnet Account Manager

Mobile:  (626) 240-8780
24/7 Customer Service:
   (800) 922-0204

Sandy Brownhill (Verizon)


Standard Software


Telephone Number

SHI International
SHI Office
General Office Email:

Team Members:

Drew Lanishman, Inside Account Manager

Stephen Tesoro, Inside Account Manager

Phone:  (800) 535-5210
Fax:  (800-814-7567)


Porcurement site:

David Dujardin (ASAP)

Phone:  (512) 513-9970
Cell:  (615) 598-7354

Justin Robinson (ASAP)
Outside Account Executive

Cell:  (512) 720-8013



Telephone Number

Tyler Quaranta
Field Account Execture IT Higher Education - So. Cal.

Phone: (714) 325-5713

Kyle Stanko
Senior Account Manager

Phone:   (312) 705-4536

For purchasing information, please contact Tom Johnson in the Purchasing department.

For baseline and vendor information contact Andy Pesich in Desktop Services.