How-To: Manually Configure an 802.1x Network Connection

This tutorial will assist the ITC or end user in manually configuring a Macintosh to connect to the campus network using the 802.1x connection protocol.

  1. From Apple Macintosh select ⇒ System Preferences.

    Main menu

  2. In Systems Preferences, select Network.

    System Preferences


  3. In Network, if you have already setup a profile, select Connect., which will bring you to step 9 (if so, skip to step 9). If not, unlock the system lock at the lower left-hand corner (which will ask you for an administrator ID and password) then select Advanced.

    Network Page


  4. In Advanced, select 802.1X.

    Network Advanced Page


  5. Click the + (plus sign) to add a profile.

    Add Profile


  6. On the popup select Add System Profile.

    Popup-Add System Profile


  7. Type in "dot1X" or something appropriate as the user profile and add your MyCalStateLA ID account username and password. The password will get encrypted in the profile. Not to worry; it's secure. Click OK.

    Add Profile data


  8. At this point you're still on the 172 non-network. You need to be on the 10 network. Click Connect.

    802.1X Connect Page


  9. If you've gotten here, you're connected to the campuswide private network. Just close the window.

    Resultant connect page


  10. On occasion you might get the next popup. You need to validate the resultant certificate. Click Continue.

    Authentication PoP Up

    You're connected. With a profile set up you will need to go through only steps 1 through 3 (with the connect option) to connect to the 10 network and occasionally do step 10 to approve of the authentication certificate.

  11. You will need to update the 802.1x password any time you change your MyCalStateLA ID account password.