How-To Setup an Apple iPhone

This page is designed to assist the end user in configuring an Apple iPhone (version 2.0 or later) to access campus resources including e-mail, contacts, and calendar.

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Note: Syncing Calendar and Contact items with Exchange will overwrite data currently on the device!

Manual Exchange Configuration

information taken from the iPhone and iPod Touch Deployment Guide.

You can configure only one Exchange account per device. To add an Exchange account,
go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then tap Add Account. On the Add
Account screen, tap Microsoft Exchange.

Exchange Settings
EmailThe user’s complete email address.
UsernameThe user name of the user’s Exchange account. Enter it in the
format domain\username.
PasswordThe passphrase of the user’s Exchange account.
DescriptionA descriptive title that identifies this group of settings.

Note:Setting up Exchange on your device will replace (not merge) all your contacts and calendar items if selected.

Tap Microsoft Exchange.

iphone selection screen

Enter Email, Server, Username, and Description in the space provided.

iPhone Settings

Next, the device offers to immediately sync with the Exchange server. If you choose not
to sync at this time, you can turn on calendar and contact syncing later in Settings >
Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. By default, Exchange ActiveSync pushes new data to
your device as it arrives on the server. If you prefer to fetch new data on a schedule or
to only pull new data manually, use Settings > Fetch New Data to change the settings.

iPhone Services


What about connecting with the campus Wireless! network?

The Apple iPhone is supported on our campus encrypted wireless network. To connect, follow the steps below.

From Settings > Wi-Fi Networks turn Wi-Fi ON.

  • Under "Choose a Network..." you will see CSLA-ENCRYPTED.
  • Enter your DOMAIN\username and password when prompted and tap "Join".
  • Tap Accept when prompted for the certificate.

iPhone wifi options

Note:You are still required to login via Safari to access the wireless.