How-To Setup Microsoft Outlook 2011 after you have migrated to Office 365

With mailbox migration to Office 365, the preferred method to access your email is Outlook 2011. Setup for Macintosh is nearly identical to the same (Outlook 2010) setup for Windows.

System Requirements:

  • MAC OS X 10.5.8 or later.
  • Office 2011 with current updates.

Installation procedure:

  1. Launch Outlook 2011.
  2. Pull-down the Help menu and click Check for Updates.
  3. Select automatic updates.
  4. Close all Office applications including Outlook to start the update.
  5. Click Install.

Microsoft AutoUpdate

  1. When prompted click Continue. At the end click Finish

Continue Popup

  1. Launch Outlook then pull-down Tools and select Accounts....

Menu to select Rules...

  1. On the Accounts page select Exchange Account.

Select/Add Exchange or POP/iMap account

  1. Fill-in your account information using the following as a template. Use your AD account password. Select Configure automatically and click Add Account. Your physical email account is on but official account remains

page to add acount info

  1. Click Allow on subsequent pop-ups.

redirect/auto-discover popup

  1. At the end Outlook 2011 will initialize and load. You'll then get a completion pop-up. Close the Accounts screen.

Accounts completion popup