The Association of Future Philosophers

1998-2003 Speakers
by Weed

Since its founding, the Association of Future Philosophers has sponsored or co-sponsored a number of talks.

Dr. Joseph Prabhu and Dr. Peter Brier discussed “the Humanities in Crisis” (co-sponsored with the Philosophy Club). Bob Jones presented a talk on animal thinking and rights. Dr. Jennifer Faust and Dr. Manyul Im discussed “Applying to Ph.D. programs, and whether you should apply,” a realistic view of what it takes to get a Ph.D. in philosophy and the job prospects after getting a Ph.D. Miami Yang discussed “Does realism require the correspondence theory of truth?” Chris Naticchia presented an interesting epistemology talk. June Yang presented a talk on “Underdetermination in Quine – Problems and Solutions.” Vik Chaubey discussed “Identity Formation.” Reviel Netz discussed “Toward a History of Mathematical Pedantry” (co-sponsored with the Philosophy Department). Nicholas D. Smith spoke on “Cognitive Self-Evaluation, Animal Knowledge and the KK-Regress.” (co-sponsored with the Philosophy Department) My aunt Genevieve Boctor discussed “The Relations of Philosophers and Ancient Egypt” and presented her documentary "The symbols of ancient Egypt." Dr. Joseph Prabhu and Dr. Yehudi Webster  discussed “Multiculturalism.” Weed Boctor is scheduled to discuss "The Ends Do Not Justify the Means, the Ethical Answer to the Problems of Anarchy and Government, a Manual of Effective Political Participation" Monday, Feb. 17, 4:30 to 6 p.m., Montebello Rm., 4th floor, Student Union (Sponsored by the Humanist Assoc. at Cal State L.A., cosponsored by the Philosophy Club and the Association of Future Philosophers).

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