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This journal provides a forum for the philosophical discussion of humanism and the ethical application of this philosophy to practical life. Avoiding affiliation with any humanist organization, this magazine seeks open discussion with intellectual honesty.


Letters and Local Humanist News

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By H.N.K.


Did the Humanist Association @ Cal State L.A. Violate the University's Alcohol Policy?

    The HA@CSULA held a business meeting at Garfono's on 9 -7-04, allegedly without having an approved "Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages Form" which was required by the University Administrative Procedure 019. This was not the first time the HA@CSULA has held a business meeting at Garfono's allegedly without having an approved "Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages Form" which was required by University Administrative Procedure 019. GarfonoÂ’s serves beer and wine.
    The Center for Student Development and Programs states in its Student Organization Handbook, 2004-2005, "An organization must submit a Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages Form for any event held on or off campus where alcohol may be served or available for purchase/consumption. This form must be submitted if one of the following conditions applies: ... An organization plans to host an event in a location (i.e. a restaurant, hotel, dance club, a house, etc.) where alcohol is served even if the organization plans to host a dry or non-alcoholic event." (Student Organization Handbook 2004-2005, p. 22.)

    [More recently, the University imposed Interim Administrative Procedure 019 
University Administrative Procedure 019 has been superseded on 9-24-04 by Interim Administrative Procedure 019 which adds a new subsection 4.2.3 to the list of prohibited activities. Section 4.2.3 prohibits "Any sale, furnishing, use or consumption of an alcoholic beverage, at any off campus event sponsored by a recognized student organization."]


Resolution against Anti-Semitism Proposed

    At the Oct. 27, 2004 meeting of the HA@CSULA, Weed Boctor proposed a resolution against anti-Semitism, which was unfortunately tabled. Here is the text of the proposed resolution.

"Resolution against Anti-Semitism"

Whereas, some make the bogus claim the Jews or Israelis are as bad as the Nazis,

Whereas, such beliefs are morally repugnant,

Whereas, such beliefs are dissonant with the research of the historians,

Whereas, such beliefs are incompatible with a rational view of the world,

Resolved, the HACSULA categorically rejects such beliefs as morally repugnant, wrong and inimical to humanism.

Further resolved no one making such bogus claims shall be an officer of this group.


SSA's Brunsman addressed HA@CSULA

    August Brunsman of the Secular Student Alliance made a power-point presentation about his group to HA@CSULA. This was one of a number of talks he gave during his visit in the area. One controversial SSA policy is its exclusion of groups with an economic agenda. This excludes communist groups. In my opinion, exclusionary policies hinder the promotion of humanism. Therefore for the HA@CSULA to join the SSA would implicitly endorse this exclusionary policy.

Erasmus Talk Scheduled

Ron of the HA@CSULA is organizing a talk on Erasmus to be held Nov. 17, , at an indeterminate location. Be there.





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