Journal of the Association of Future Philosophers

Pseudo-Feminist Partisans of Government
by Weed Boctor

    Less than 50 percent of top U.S. government officials have been women. Less than 50 percent of presidents, Congressmen, Supreme Court judges, etc., have been women.
    We see similar morally repugnant inequity in other governments around the world. In Iraq, Germany, Russia and Egypt, etc., less than 50 percent of top government officials have been women. While feminists have criticized this inequity, some CSLA philosophy professors support government and call themselves "feminists."
    Political philosophers might fantasize about a philosopher-queen or a leviathan controlled equally by women and men, ending the injustice of men ruling women. But, when fantasies of creating an ethically legitimate government are examined in the light of political science, we see that these partisans of government are pseudo-feminists.

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