Employee List

California State University Los Angeles



ASME CoPresident William Chavez

E-mail: wchavez@calstatela.edu

ASME Vice President: Frank Avila

ASME Public Relations: Byron Espinosa

ASME Event Coordinator: Jose Mora

ASME Scholarship/Internship Coordinator: Aracely DelCampo

E-mail: favila@calstatela.edu

E-mail: byresp@gmail.com

E-mail: jose.mora.04@gmail.com

E-mail: adelcam@calstatela.edu

E-mail: badgerwarrior@yahoo.com

E-mail: coneylu2004@yahoo.com

E-mail: tpham4@calstatela.edu

Interests: Teaching courses in fluid and thermal sciences, research in the area of renewable energy and sustainability, improvement of engineering education, development and advisement of student-centered design projects, student mentorship and outreach activities.

ASME Advisor: Dr. Trinh Pham

ASME Secretary: Ryan Scott Green

Future Plans: To work in the Aerospace Industry

ASME Treasurer: Maria Luviano

E-mail: lgonza23@calstatela.edu

ASME CoPresident:

Future Plans: To work in the Amusement Park Industry

Future Plans: To work in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry and become a professor

E-mail: bdaengr@yahoo.com

HPV Team Coordinator: Brian Vasquez