Mentee Information Survey

Mentee Information Survey

This survey should take about 10 minutes. Please feel free to contact the Director for Faculty Development and Pedagogical Support, Dr. Ramakrishnan Menon, at 323-343-5444 or if you have any questions about this survey. Thank you for your participation!

Last Name:     First Name and Middle Name or Initial:

Gender:     male   female

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Is this your first academic appointment at a college?
yes   no

If no, please indicate the duration, location, and previous academic positions.



Previous academic positions




CSULA College

Did you receive mentoring in your previous academic appointment or as a graduate student?
yes   no

If yes, please state what you found most useful about the mentoring.

State a goal or goals you have to improve yourself professionally (For example, improving teaching effectiveness, preparing an online/hybrid course, writing grants)

Which of the following workshops would interest you? Please indicate1, 2, 3, etc, in order of preference, with 1 being “Most preferred.”

  1 2 3
Addressing plagiarism
Approaches to optimize student learning
Assessing learning outcomes
Designing effective PowerPoint slides
Designing online courses
Improving comprehension of discipline specific readings
Organizing learning through graphic organizers
Writing for journal publication
Writing research grants
Other (please state)