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Intramural Schedule Spring 2004


15-Apr-04 Soft Ball
Week 1 SN Vs. PSK
  (Forfeit )Church of Christ Vs. *SN


22-Apr-04 Soft Ball
Week 2 SN Vs. PSK
  (1)Church of Christ Vs. PSK *(26)


4/29/2004 Soft Ball
Week 3 *(22)Church of Christ  Vs. SN (5)
  *(8) PSK Vs. CofC (5)


5/6/2004 Soft Ball Playoffs
Week 4 (4) SN Vs. Church of Christ *(22) 

*(8) Church of Christ Vs. PSK (7)

5/13/2004 Dodge Ball
Week 5 SN Vs. PSK
  (1) SN Vs. Church of Christ *(4)


5/20/2004 Dodge Ball
Week 6 *Church of Christ Vs. PSK (Forfeit)
5/27/2004 Dodge Ball
Week 7 Church of Christ Vs. SN
  PSK Vs. Church of Christ


6/3/2004 Dodge Ball
Week 8 Play off TBA


Game 1 starts at 8pm

Game 2 Starts at 9 pm



last updated 5/1/04