MAC's Student Guide to Judo

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MAC' s Student Guide to Judo

This Student guide is designed to be a reference to all materials taught at the MAC and Jujitsu Class at CSULA.  It is not a substitute for regular attendance, but is designed to reinforce and expand on what you are being taught.

What is Jujitsu? 

The Martial Arts Club

names and phone numbers

events that the MAC is evolved in

events that are happening in the community

Orientation Class and Basics


Links to other interesting sites

    Other Jujitsu resources on the Web!

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This Student Guide is just that, a guide.  Many sources and hours have gone into the design and upkeep of this site.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask.

This Student Guide was created to assist the student at Cal State LA in there training in Judo.  This guide is not a replacement for actual instruction by an instructor.

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Course Outline
Informed Par-F
Supplemental Materials
History of Jujitsu