Declaration of Cuahtemoc:

“Our beloved sun has disappeared and has left us in total darkness. But we know that it will again return, will again come out and will come anew to shine upon us. Emperor Cuahtemoc, Mexica Warrior

But while it stays there in Miktlan (region of eternal repose). We should rapidly gather and embrace ourselves.And in the center of our heart we will hide all that which our heart appreciates and considers a treasure. And we know like a great jade we will destroy our Teokalwanzintli (Houses of Yuth), our Kalmekawanzintli (Universities), our Tachkowanzintli (ball courts), our Tlpochkalwanzintli (houses of young men), and our Kikakalwanzintli (houses of song.)

That our roads may remain deserted and that our homes may preserve us. For now we do not know until when our new sun will come out. That the fathers and the mothers may never forget to teach their children. The fathers with the boys, the mothers with the girls. And that they teach their children while they live precisely how good it had been; that which has been until today, our beloved Anahuac!

The refuge, the protection and the care of our energies. And as a result of our customs and the behavior that our venerable elders received and our venerable parents with effort sowed in our essence. Now we deliver the task to our children that they guard our writings and our knowledge.

From now on our homes will be our Teokalwanzintli, our Kalmekawanzintli, our Tlachkowanzintli, our Telpochkalwanzintli, our Kwikalwanzintli. And do not forget to inform our children intensely how it will be. How we will rise! And exactly how its destiny will be realized and how it will fulfill its grand destiny. Our beloved motherland Anahuac.”