"Mexican" is what the English called us. "Mexicano" is what the Spaniard Europeans called us. Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) is what we called ourselves.

We are descendants of the ancient so-called "Mesoamerican" civilizations that covered an area from Aztlan (the so-called U.S. Southwest) to the area called Costa Rica in Central America. This land which the Aztecs called Anahuac.

We founded our mother Olmeca civilization independent of any other civilization sometime before 1800 B.C. . We created this civilization out of our own genius. Europeans and others have a problem accepting that we could invent, philosophize, and develop a civilization that produced El Tajin, Chichen Itza, Tikal, and Copan; that we could triumph through the Maya genius for mathematics, astronomy, and the calendar.

It bothers them that we excelled with the magnificence of Teotihuacan and the beauty and brilliance that was the Mexica empire. They cannot accept that we did this by ourselves. They would rather believe that Europeans, Jews, Africans or people from Mars created the beauty of our civilization.

They would rather believe in Atlantis and the lost tribes of Israel than to believe that we "stupid, barbaric, brown savage Indians" developed one of the most ancient and most beautiful civilizations on the face of this planet.

Around 300 B.C. in Teotihuacan we had begun what was to become the largest city in the world by 500 A.D., with a population of over 200,000 inhabitants.

In 1325, we the Mexica founded Tenochtitlan .With a population of 350,000 in 1519 it was larger than any city in Europe. It was a city of masonry, universities, the largest marketplace in the world, and a civilization so dazzling that the Spaniards could not believe their eyes when they first saw the beauty of our great Tenochtitlan.

In 1519 when the Spaniard Europeans came to Anahuac (Mexico) they did not come to trade with us, nor to discover new lands. They came here to steal from us, to enslave us, to kill us and to destroy our civilizations.

They imposed on us their government, religion, language, and they branded us with their Spanish surnames. The Spaniards knew what they were doing. By destroying our cities, killing our leadership and our educated classes, they left our people poor, ignorant, enslaved, empty of pride, and robbed of land, dignity, identity and destiny.

We've been taught generation after generation for almost 500 years to identify with Europeans and to despise the Original Inhabitant people of Anahuac: to despise ourselves. Our own self-hate. To believe we are white and to celebrate the rape of our people.

We've been given the false identities of Mestizo, Hispano, Latino, and Raza, as a way to keep our true identity and our Mexica history buried, and as a way to reinforce the rejection of our Original Inhabitant identity, languages, our race, and our ownership of the land.


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