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California State University at Los Angeles has had excellent results in previous Baja competitions. The team has four overall first place finishes and numerous top ten results. The CSULA  Baja cars are built to survive the demanding tests of the competition. Listed below is a chronological summary of previous results.

1983 – 1st place winner

1995 – 6th place overall

In 1995, after an extended hiatus, CSULA resumed its participation in the Baja competition with the help of Dan Roberto and Dr. Richard Roberto. The Â’95 team built a vehicle that was narrow in width, but which incorporated many of the design fundamentals of the 80's era vehicles. Although the Â’95 vehicle did not win, the team placed 6th overall. More importantly, the efforts of the Â’95 team were successful in reigniting student interest in the  Baja competition at CSULA.

1996 – 1st place winner

With a renewed interest in  Baja within the mechanical engineering department, the Â’95 car was dismantled and some of its parts were reused in a redesigned Baja vehicle. Although the Â’96 vehicle did not perform well in several events on the first day, the team dominated the Endurance event and garnered enough points to secure the overall victory.

1997 – 37th place overall

The Â’97 vehicle design was intended to be sleeker, lighter, faster and more maneuverable. Throughout the year, however, the team struggled with participation and finances. Due to SAE competition rules, the Â’97 team was not able to use the prior teamÂ’s car parts. At the competition, the team encountered repeated problems with its braking system and earned a disappointing 37th place.

1998 – 1st place winner

The Â’98 team addressed issues of organization and structure which plagued the '97 team early to avoid money and time constraint issues. At the competition in El Paso, Texas, the Â’98 vehicle placed within the top 4 in all four events including 1st in the Endurance race, 2nd in Acceleration, 2nd in the Hill Climb, and 4th in Maneuverability. The '98 team won the 1st place trophy for CSULA once again.

1999 – 1st place winner

With a shortened time schedule due to the impending facilities renovation, the decision was made to rebuild the Â’97 car. The team redesigned the front section of the frame, the front and rear suspension, and the braking system to correct the problems the Â’97 vehicle had experienced at competition. With final assembly being completed at the competition site, the experience of returning members was enough to secure a victory.

2000-2002 - CSULA did not enter the  Baja competition due to facilities renovation

2003 – 28th place overall

With an entirely new team, the 2003 team had a difficult start to the project. The vehicle design was finished much later than expected. Subsequently, there was much less time for the team to build and verify their design. The teams lack of experience and preparation was evident in their 28th place finish.

2004 - 7th place overall

Learning from the mistakes of the 2003 team, the  Baja team was well prepared for its competition. The car was lighter and stronger, and performed well in all categories of the competition. With outstanding runs in the Maneuverability and Endurance events, the team placed 7th overall in the nation.

Cal State L.A. Office of Public Affairs New Release: (May 2004)

Cal State L.A. is CaliforniaÂ’s First-Place Winner at  Baja West

2005 - 31st place overall

The 2005 team had several setbacks at the competition in Tucson, Arizona. Following the first day mishap in the maneuverability competition, the team had to repair several parts of the car. The Endurance event was initially promising but a series of accidents ultimately led to the team's disappointing retirement.

Previous results for all competitors can be seen at SAE's website

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