Club Objective:

OCSA is mainly serving Chinese students in CSULA (Undergraduate, Graduate and ACLP students). Students often ask: "Who was your professor for this class?" Were there essay questions on his/her exams?" and "Do you have homework and textbooks of this class?" The club is mainly here to answer the above three questions. Think about it, if you can know more people from your major, wouldn't your life at Cal State LA be easier? In addition, Nobody can study for all 24 hours a day and not resting at all, so the club will plan all kinds of activities for you to relax and meet people from your major.

Types of Services:

Airport services, moving services, help students look for new room mates, shopping services (if you don't have a car), making new friends, help students select their classes for future quarters, counseling and tutoring services, help ACLP students transfer to colleges or CSULA after graduating from ACLP.

Activities In the Past:

Monthly birthday parties (based on the month of your birthday), Potluck, Disneyland one day tour, tennis, bowling, picnic (With other school members), and Santa Monica one day tour, Miniture golf, San Diego two days trip, Magic Mountain, Free tennis lessons.

Future Activities:

Careers workshops (We will ask ex-CSULA students whose currently working to speak at the workshops)