CSULA - The Physics and Astronomy Club

Chapter of Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma

The Physics and Astronomy Club at Cal State LA is a group of students interested in Physics and Astronomy. Each quarter events are planned to further interests and education in Physics.

Executive Board (2011-2012):

Dr. Albert Lee, Advisor | Velveth Klee, President | Tzitlaly Barajas, Vice-President | Karen Garcia, Secretary | Joby Marfori, Treasurer | Clare Abreu, Events Coordinator | Raul Herrera, Education Coordinator | Historian, Chantal Nguyen

Weekly club meeting place and time (Fall 2011):

Wednesday, 1:30 - 2:00, PS 436

Homework Club - TBD

2011-2012 Physics and Astronomy Club Member Profiles

2010-2011 Events

Fall 2011
Sep 30 - Karen, David, Raul, & Ariana's Birthday Dinner

Past Events
Summer 2011
Jul 22-24 - Kern River Whitewater Rafting Trip
Jul 15 - Goldstone Observatory Trip
Jul 9 - Cliff Diving at Chantry Flats
Jun 24 - Palomar Observatory Trip
Jun 11 - Dockweiler Beach Trip

Spring 2011
Jun 1-2 - Lincoln High School Rocket Launches
Jun 1 - Physics & Astronomy Club Banquet
May 27 - IMPACT LA Open House
May 14 - JPL 2011 Open House with Lincoln High School
May 5 - Dockweiler Beach Trip
May 4 - PAC Fundraiser at Honey Badger Cafe
Apr 30 - Mount Pinos Stargazing Party
Apr 30 - University Preparatory Program Physics Experiments with Lincoln High School
Apr 29 - CSULA Honors Convocation

Winter 2011
Mar 24-26 - Joshua Tree Camping & Stargazing Trip
Mar 18 - Winter Quarter Dinner at Boiling Crab
Mar 3 - Experiments of Projectile Motion
Mar 1 - Experiments of Sound Wave and other Acoustic Properties
Feb 24 - Experiments of the Gravitational Effects on Objects in Motion
Feb 22 - Movie Night (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)
Feb 18 - Suley's Birthday Dinner
Feb 15 - Movie Night (Full Metal Jacket)
Feb 8 - Flight Dynamics Experiments
Feb 1 - Movie Night (Moon)
Jan 26 - Tzitlaly's Birthday Dinner
Jan 18 - Stephen Hawking "My Brief History" Public Lecture

Fall 2010
Dec 14-17 - Big Bear Snowboarding & Stargazing Trip
Dec 11 - Sirajam's Dinner Party
Dec 9 - Fall Quarter Dinner at Wahib's
Nov 24 - Thanksgiving Potluck
Nov 13 - Red Rock Canyon Stargazing
Oct 16 - Wrightwood Stargazing

Spring 2010
Jun 18-20 Kern River Camping Trip
Jun 10 - Physics Club Banquet
May 15-16 - Hungry Valley Camping Trip
Apr 7 - Movie Night (Star Wars: A New Hope)
Apr 2 - Jennifer's Birthday Party

Winter 2010
Mar 24 - Chantry Flats Picnic
Mar 19-21 - Joshua Tree Camping Trip Photo Album
Mar 17 - Quarterly Dinner Photo Album
Mar 3 - Tiffany's Birthday Party Photo Album
Feb 17 - Jill's Birthday Party Photo Album
Feb 13 - CSULA V.I.P. Day Photo Album
Feb 3 - Movie Night (October Sky)

Fall 2009
Dec 10 - Quarterly Dinner Photo Album
Nov 22 - Fall Potluck Picnic
Nov 17 - NSS Demo Photo Album
Nov 16 - Movie Night (Real Genius)
Oct 6 - Sara's Party Photo Album

Spring 2009
Jun 11 - Physics Club Banquet Photo Album
May 15 - Red Rock Canyon Camping & Stargazing Trip
Apr 18 - Vasquez Rocks Hiking & Stargazing

Winter 2008
Mar 20 - Yosemite Camping Trip
Mar 18 - Quarterly Dinner Photo Album
Feb 14 - California ScienCenter Photo Album
The Physics Club ratified its constitution and became an official campus student organization.

Spring 2007
Jun 1 - Physics Club Banquet
May 18 - Tour of JPL Optics Lab
May 5 - Star Gazing & Camping at Red Rock Canyon
Apr 14 - V.I.P. Day

Winter 2007
Mar 3 - Field Trip to Griffith Observatory
Feb 17 - Eaglefest

Winter 2006
Feb 18 - Physics Open House (Tour and Refreshments)
Jan 12 - Pizza Party (4:45, PS 317)

Fall 2005
Nov 20 - IMAX Theater, California Science Center
Nov 5 - Griffith Park Star Party
Sep 29 - Pizza Party (4:45PM, PS 317)

Summer 2005
Sep 1 - Huntington Library, Pasadena (Isaac Newton Exhibition)
Aug 24 - Garvey Park Ranch Observatory (demonstration of how to make a small telescope)

Spring 2005
Jun 3 - Graduation Banquet at Stevens Steakhouse
May 20 - NASA JPL Tour
May 13 - NASA Goldstone Tour
May 7 - Joshua Tree Stargazing at Black Rock Canyon Campgroud
Apr 29 - Club helps with Terrific & Scientific Magic show
Apr 18 - Einstein Exhibit at Skirball Center

Winter 2005
Mar 22-24 - Zzyzx Field Trip, Mohave National Preserve
Feb 19 - CSULA V.I.P. Day

2010-2011 Physics and Astronomy Club Member Profiles

Chris Lam
My interest for physics grew during the laboratory experiments in high school. I have always been fascinated with learning about how things work, especially with a hands-on approach. Some of my favorite leisurely activities include playing Magic: The Gathering or skateboarding with my friends.

Hugo Velazco
Born and raised in Santa Rosalia, Jalisco Mexico. I moved to the United States for education oportunities in the year 2000. Graduated in the year 2006 from Huntington Park High School which is known to have the highest percentage of latinos (98%) or (95%) Mexican-Americans. I am pursuing a Master's in Physics. I am is planning to become a High School or College teacher but he is open to any oportunities in the physics world. Among the many hobbies, I enjoy swimming and playing soccer with my friends as well as travel to my motherland twice a year to visit my parents.

Joby Marfori
My name is Joby and I am the Treasurer of the Physics and Astronomy Club. I love fashion, food, and fizzix.

Johan Garcia
My name is Johan. I am originally from Costa Rica and came to pursue my higher education in the United States. I am in the Natural Science Blended Program at CSULA and my goal is to become a science teacher.I like Physics very much and Astronomy as as well. I love traveling and learning about other cultures and the way other people see life.

Karen Garcia
My name is Karen and I am the Secretary of the Physics and Astronomy Club. I became interested in the field of astronomy after participating in Academic Decathlon in high school. Aside from learning about Astronomy, i enjoy writing and listening to music.

Linda Alviti
I may be an undergraduate majoring in English, but I have been interested in astronomy for a long, long time. My goal is to someday be a teacher and writer. At some point, I may pursue a Master's in the history of science.

Nicholas Derimow
My name is Nicholas and I like physics and music.

Raul Herrera
My name is Raul and I am the Academic Coordinator for the Physics and Astronomy Club. Mexican ancestry, born in Stockton, CA (NorCal - Central Valley), Interests: science/technology, playing and watching sports, especially basketball, economics, politics, philosophy...the universe, etc. Listens to: rock in English and Spanish. Skills: bilingual, simple guitar strumming/picking, computer programming, solving math and physics problems.

Sirajam Marzia
I am an undergraduate Physics student at CSULA. Prior to changing my major to Physics, I was a biology student. Requirements of lower division physics classes for biology influenced me immensely. I realized that all the mysteries of core science can be explored in the world of Physics! It is physics that reminds me of God's highness over all of His creations which are conducted with complex mathematics and chemical compositions.
I have special interest in Nuclear Physics. Currently, I am involved in research under Dr. Konard Aniol in Nuclear Physics. I intend to join the Jefferson Lab as an intern, where most of the research work is done.
I was an intern at JPL, where I worked on High Energy Astrophysics for a year. Prior to that, I participated in research under Dr. Taylor on Quantum Dots. I look forward to attending graduate school. My goal is to explore more of the beauty of Physics for which I want to earn a Ph.D. and spread the light of physics locally and abroad through research/teaching.
Besides learning physics, I have a great passion for craft works, painting, drawing, decorating, and cooking.

Tino Truong
I am an IMPACTLA NSF GK-12 fellow, where I have the opportunity to focus on my research in asteroids and bring my research into the classroom of my partner teacher, Ms. Brianna Rojas, at Stevenson Middle School. I enjoy testing the probabilities developed by quantum mechanics, as well as projectile motion and the effect of gravity mass moving down an inclined slope. I also enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, stargazing, and hiking. Over the past year, I've done research with asteroids and stellar formation at CSULA. I will finish my thesis based on the physical characteristics of asteroids in Spring 2012.

Suley Rivera
I am Santa's favorite bruntette and I count the calories of all of the members in the physics club.

Gaby Vidrio
I love yogurt, fruit, resistors in series, and the right-hand rule.

Tzitlaly Barajas
My name is Tzitlaly and I am the Vice President of the Physics and Astronomy Club. Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by the night sky and how it all works. I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Physics, and over the past two years have had the opportunity to participate in various Astronomy research internships. I hope to continue doing research after I graduate.

Velveth Klee
Hi! My name is Velveth, I am the President of the Physics and Astronomy Club and a second-year Physics Master's student. I work in Dr. Taylor's lab where we research quantum dot photo-luminescence emissions and have tons of fun doing it! I love talking to people, dancing, making things and traveling all around the world. I'm always finding new ways to combine these interests with my science background so that I can continue being a happy scientist :)

We determined the momentum of the profiles below so precisely that we cannot locate them.

Benji MacAulay

Oliva Mateo

Brenton Taylor

Chantal Nguyen

David Guzman

Desiree Rose

Edward Nieto

Frank Wong

Herwick Mok

Jose Felix

Julian Bouzanquet

Louis Wu

Mark Aguilar

Samantha Rawlins

Sophia Iqbal

Oliver Ta

Stephanie Pham

Ariana Valdez