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As stated in Article 2 of the constitution of Pi Tua Sigma

The object of this organization shall be to encourage and recognize superior scholarship, to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in coordinate departmental activities, to promote the mutual professional welfare of its members, and to develop in students of mechanical engineering the attributenecessary for effective leadership and the taking up the responsibilities of a citizen living in a democracy.

Membersip Requiremnts

As is stated in Article 3 of the constitution of Pi Tau Sigma

Active Members (Undergraduates)

Their are two basic membership eligibility requirements for the active member class

1. Being a mechanical engineering student in the top 3rd of your senior year, or the top 4th of your junior year.

2. Being chosen on a basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship, and personality

Graduate Members

Graduate members shall be chosen under either of the following situations:

a) Students who are working toward a graduate degree in mechanical engineering and who obtain written
recommendations from two Pi Tau Sigma faculty members. The number eligible per year under this
option shall not exceed ten per cent of the active membership or two, whichever is greater. Graduate
students who attended, as undergraduates, schools having a chapter of Pi Tau Sigma and were not selected
as active members should not be eligible for membership as graduate members.

b) Students who would have been eligible had Pi Tau Sigma been established earlier in institutions now having
chapters. Such members may be initiated by any other chapter at any time as a courtesy initiation, and shall
be members of the chapter at the school from which they were graduated.

Honorary Members

Honorary members shall be selected on the basis of successful achievements in mechanical engineering.
Practicing engineers and full, associate, or assistant professors of mechanical engineering are eligible. Each
chapter may elect two or more honorary members per year. Two of these shall be exempt from payment of the
national initiation fee.