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SAE initiated its members for the Gamma Sigma Pledge Class.


SAE Fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen in Pasadena


SAE will be attending Relay For Life on May 17, 2008 For more information click on the Fundraiser Link.

Chaplain and Assistant Member Educator


Robert Pompa

My name is Robert Carlos Pompa, my nickname is "Satelite" but most people just call me Pompa. I'm 25 but I'll be 26 on May 9. I'm from the San Fernando valley. I went to high school at San Fernando and transferred to CSULA from Valley Community College in Van Nuys. Right now I do not work because I have my wife to support me. HAHAHAHA. My major is math where I want to become a high school teacher and try to help kids. Every night at the SAE house is a memorable one because you never know what is going to happen, but if I had to pick one it would be my wedding when a lot of my brothers were there. Some talking smack but it is all good even though I was up till 8 playing black jack with Santor. I like playing caps with anyone even if it is my sorry a** partner in team no grip. Also any sport that I can get into.





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