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SPACE Center Research Areas:

The SPACE Center conducts research and development withing a structure consisting of several interrelated
cross-disciplinary modules. Each focused on one of the following research areas:

Intelligent Flight Control

    Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs)
    • Structural Modeling, Aeroelasticity, and Vibration Analysis
    • Design and Fabrication
    • Intelligent Flight Control
    • Autonomous Flight Control
    • Formation Flying
    • Structural Health Monitoring

    Experimental Studies in Aerodynamics and Propulsion Systems
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Subsonic Wind Tunnel Testing
    • Supersonic Wind Tunnel Testing
    • Ramjet and Scramjet Engine Development

    Optimization of Combustion and Propulsion Systems
    • Increasing Efficiency
    • Reduction of Pollution

    Bio-derived Fuels for Aeronautic and Space Propulsion Systems
    • Plant Matter Based Fuels
    • Animal Fat Based Fuels

    Space Telescope Technology (JWST)
    • Decentralized Control
    • Figure Maintenance and Pointing of Segmented Structures
    • Detection and Failure Analysis
    • Reconfigurable Control
    • Distributed Sensors
    • System Identification
    • Image and Digital Signal Processing

    Ubiquitous Computing and Embedded Systems
    • Semantic Information Systems and Scraping Tool
    • Ubiquitous Video Conferencing Streaming
    • Data Compression and Networking Protocols
    • OpenGL-based GUI for Touch Screen Interaction
    • Tuple Space Paradigm and XML
    • FPGA and Embedded Systems

    Structural Health Monitoring

    Development of Data and Technology Security Systems

    Data Analysis, Simulaiton, Visualization and Animation

    Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robots for Cooperative Exploration
    • Autonomous-Navigation
    • Embedded Systems and Sensor Fusion

    Structural Modeling, Aeroelasticity and Vibrations Analysis

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