SPACE Center Research Areas




Aeronautics Research

Human Exploration and Operations



Research Areas

The SPACE Center conducts research and development within a structure consisting of several interrelated

           cross-disciplinary modules. Each focused on one of the following  research areas:









Intelligent Flight Control

Autonomous Control/Control of Uninhabited Air Vehicles (UAVs)

o Design and Fabrication

o Autonomous Flight Control

o Formation Flying

Experimental Studies in Aerodynamics and Propulsion Systems

o Subsonic Wind Tunnel Testing

o Supersonic Wind Tunnel Testing

o Ramjet and Scramjet Engine Development

Optimization of Combustion and Propulsion Systems

o Increasing Efficiency

o Reduction of Pollution

Bio-derived Fuels for Aeronautic and Space Propulsion Systems

o Plant Matter Based Fuels

o Animal Fat Based Fuels

 Space Telescope Technology (JWST)

o Decentralized Control

o Figure Maintenance of Segmented Structures and Pointing

o Detection and Failure Analysis

o Reconfigurable Control

o Distributed Sensors

o System Identification

Ubiquitous Computing and Embedded Architectures

o Semantic Information System and Scraping Tool

o Ubiquitous Video Conferencing Streaming Applications

o Data Compression and Networking Protocols

o OpenGL-based GUI for Touch Screen Interaction

o Tuple Space Paradigm and XML

o FPGA and Embedded Systems

Structural Health Monitoring