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The Structures, Pointing, And Control Engineering (SPACE) Center was established in 2003 at the California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) with NASA funding of $6 million. The Center is composed of two laboratories: the Structures Pointing and Control Engineering (SPACE) laboratory and the Multidisciplinary Flight Dynamics and Control (MFDC) laboratory.

The SPACE University Research Center (URC) works in partnership with Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) as the lead NASA center, and JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) as the secondary NASA center. In addition, the URC has a close collaboration with Boeing and Northrop Grumman Corporations. The major areas of research in the URC are directly related to the missions of the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and Combustion) and Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (James Webb Space Telescope), addressing and supporting some of these missionsÂ’ key challenges.

To address the technology challenges of both Directorates, the SPACE center conducts research and development in the following Research Areas:

  •   Intelligent Flight Control, Autonomous Control, Formation Flying

  •   Uninhabited Air Vehicles (UAV) Development

  •   Wind-Tunnel Testing and Validations

  •   Optimization of Combustion and Propulsion Systems

  •   Bio-derived Liquid Fuel and Solid Propellant Development

  •   Thermal Analysis of Space Systems 

  •   Space Telescope Technology, Precision Pointing, System Identification 

  •   Decentralized Control, Failure Analysis and Reconfigurable Control

  •   Ubiquitous Computing and Embedded Architectures.

The URC shares NASA's commitment to increasing the number of minority students who will pursue and earn advanced degrees and become the influential scientists and engineers of tomorrow.


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