Motto - XE CSULA

Chi Epsilon retains as its motto the Greek letters Chi Delta Chi, which formed the name of the junior honor society founded in 1922 at the University of Illinois and which is one of the roots of Chi Epsilon.

Chi Delta Chi - These three letters symbolize our English motto: Conception, Design, and Construction. These are the three phases of every creative project.

Conception is inventive; it perceives the opportunity to do something and recognizes the means of accomplishment. Fitting that means of accomplishment to the specific case and planning a definite method of work is Design. Construction is the actual building. It makes a reality of the idea of conception and the plan of design.

Conception requires imagination and intelligence.

Design requires education and practical experience.

Construction requires energy, determination, and perseverance.

In these functions, your adherence to the principles of Chi Epsilon will serve you well.