Current Members and Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows

Hongbin Luo 

    Dr. Hongbin Luo

    2019 - present 

    PhD, Nanjing Tech University
    Email: hluo8 [at]
    Research Interest: catalysis, conductivity, and hybrid materials

      Dr. Yajiao Hao

     2019- present

     PhD, Jilin University
     Email: yhao5 [at]
     Research Interest: photocatalysis, photochemistry, and porous materials

Graduate Students


   Akilah Miller


   NIH BRIGE-to-PhD Fellow
   B.Sc., University of California, Los Angeles
   Email: amiller4 [at]
   Research Interest: solar cells, electronic devices, and renewable energy

   Anthony Castro


   NIH-RISE to PhD Fellow
   B. Sc. University of California, Irvine
   Email: acastr90 [at]
   Research Interest: catalysis and hybrid Materials
Alberta Smith

   Alberto Smith


   NIH BRIGE-to-PhD Fellow

   B.Sc., University of California, Irvine
   Email: jsmith2 [at]
   Research Interest: drug delivery, nanomaterials, and synthesis


Undergraduate Students

Frankie Castro


Email: frankiescastro [at]
Research Interest: solar cells, organic synthesis, and electronic devices

Alisa Quon AQ

2019 - present

Honors College
Email: aquon2 [at]
Research Interest: catalysis and materials synthesis


Anna Nguyen 

2019 - present

Honors College
Research Interest: Catalysis and materials synthesis 
Group Alumni
Yessica Nelson (undergrad 2017-2020) - PhD student, University of California Los Angeles
Shirell Klein (undergrad 2017-2020) - Columbia University; HRL Laboratories
Dana Cheng-Tan (undergrad 2019-2020) - PhD student, University of Southern California
Edgar Papazyan (undergrad 2017-2020) 
Joshua Sosa (undergrad 2017-2018; MS 2018-2020) - Sample Management Technician, Xencor
Timothy Bennett (undergrad 2017-2018; MS 2018-2020) - Associate Scientist, Amgen Inc.; PhD student at USC
Sergio Iglesias Jimenez (undergrad 2017-2018; MS 2018-2020) - Research Associate, Xencor
Julia Lopez (undergrad 2020) - MS student, Forensic Science at Cal State LA
Shaanti Trikha (MS 2017-2019) - Associate Scientist at AbbVie
Roberto Tovar (MS 2017-2019) - Chemist, PPG Industries
Edward Cardenas (undergrad 2017-2019) - PhD student, University of California Davis
Phillip Farias (undergrad 2017-2018) - PhD student, Unversity of California Riverside
Brandon Liu (undergrad 2017-2019) - NIH-NCI Postbaccalaureate CRTA Fellow, National Cancer Institute
Katherine Nelms (undergrad 2016-2018) - MS, Cornell University; PhD student at University of Manchester
Pavithra Wijeratne (undergrad 2016-2017) - Technologist, Sandia National Laboratories
Carlos Orellana (undergrad 2016-2017) - Analyst II, Enthalpy Analytical
Yuvitza Garcia (undergrad 2016-2017) - IP Legal Secretary, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP