Assessment gives the Division of Student Life the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of our programs and services and recognize areas of improvement.

With collaboration from each of our departments, we have developed four Student Life Learning Domains that align with the University’s mission, strategic initiatives and learning outcomes:

  • Community Engagement: Cal State LA students transition successfully into the college environment and build a greater sense of pride and belonging in the University community. They prepare themselves as leaders by participating in meaningful engagement opportunities civically.  They are informed, engaged and make a positive impact on our city, state, nation and world.
  • Personal, Social, and Professional Identity Development:  Cal State LA students pursue personal growth and understanding. They act independently with integrity, accountability, ethical consideration and advocacy for self and others. They achieve positive interpersonal relationships within multicultural settings, including valuing, respecting and learning from diversity. They understand, articulate and connect knowledge and interdisciplinary skills to career and life after graduation. They identify and connect with mentors who encourage and support them in successfully pursuing their goals and dreams.
  • Health and Well-being: Cal State LA students engage in activities and strategies that promote healthy attitudes, skills and behaviors. They successfully identify personal risk factors and barriers to wellness and employ positive health practices that achieve lifelong well-being.
  • Social Justice: Cal State LA students develop skills informed by an awareness of identity, heritage and culture to navigate and transform institutional organizations and societal structures to advocate for social justice.  They understand and articulate how the intersectionality of multiple identities shapes people and their experiences, which empowers students to engage with others in more meaningful ways.

In alignment with these domains, each Student Life department/program will develop and implement an annual assessment plan with learning outcomes that focus on what they want students to learn, accomplish or gain from their programs and services.

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