Parents and Family Support Members

A mom smiling as she attends a Cal State LA parent program.


Parent and Family Support Orientation

As a biological or adoptive parent, legal guardian, primary caretaker, or family support member (including spouses, partners, other relatives and close friends) of a first-time freshman or new transfer student at Cal State LA, you are a highly valued member of our campus community!

What are the benefits of attending Golden Eagle Orientation for Parent and Family Support Members?

  • Receive advice on how you can help your student while they are in college
  • Discuss important issues with other parents and family support members of first-year students
  • Tour the campus and learn about the resources and student sup­port services available
  • Enjoy lunch with other parents and family support members, staff, and students

For Freshmen

Parent and Family Support Orientation is a special track and part of the regularly-scheduled day for freshmen. This one-day program is designed to introduce you to the resources available at the University, and to the people who help make our campus a fantastic place to learn and grow, alongside your student. Parent and Family Support Orientation for freshmen is offered in primarily in English; however, there are some components of the day that are offered in Spanish. Due to limited available space, we do ask that parent and family support guests be limited to one per student.


Friday, June 21 - for students with majors in Health & Human Services, and for who students who are Undeclared
Friday, June 28 - for students with majors in Natural & Social Sciences, and Business and Economics
Wednesday, July 3 - for students with majors in Arts & Letters and Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

Please note that these are the only dates where we will be able to accommodate parents and family support members. The other Orientation dates listed are for students only.

For Transfers

Parents and/or family support members are invited to join transfer students during their regularly-scheduled Orientation day. You will be able to experience the full day alongside your student. Due to limited available space, we do ask that parent and family support guests be limited to one per student.


All Transfer Orientation dates are available for parent and family support member participation. Please note that spaces are limited, and once capacity is reached, additional guests will not be accommodated.


The fee to attend Parent and Family Support Orientation is $46.

To Sign Up

Once your student accesses the online reservation system, they can select dates based on their academic college. If they select one of the dates listed above, they will have the option of adding you as a "guest." Both Orientation fees ($70 student fee and $46 guest fee) will need to be paid at that time in order to complete the reservation and secure your place. If your student has any questions about the reservation status, please contact our office.


A Year-Long Connection

We want to stay connected to you throughout the school year! In addition to Parent and Family Support Member Orientation, Cal State LA also offers other academic, social, and service programs, events, and opportunities for parents and families. Your direct contact information (phone number, email address) is collected from your student when they reserve their space for Orientation, and we use that information to contact you directly regarding activities geared especially towards parents and families. We NEVER share this information with any other entities outside of the University, and you can opt out of our communications at any time by sending us an email at (your information will be permanently deleted from our database). Learn a bit more about some of our other programs and services:

Parent Academy