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Cal State LA Studios is the Film School Production Area of the Television, Film, and Media Studies Division of the Department of Communication Studies at California State University, Los Angeles.

Our production facilities include digital 3-camera studios, professional super-16mm motion picture equipment, soundstages, G-5 based non-linear digital postproduction featuring Final Cut Pro, as well as DV and HDV high-definition field production equipment.

Located just 10 minutes from the heart of Hollywood, Cal State LA is the only California State University campus in the Los Angeles Basin, and enjoys a reputation as one of the foremost film schools in the CSU system.

Our award-winning and innovative faculty bring a wealth of real-world industry knowledge to the classroom, drawing from production experience in fields including music video, documentary production, Academy Award-winning short subject filmmaking, network television studio production, radio news, television journalism, animation, and multimedia web content creation.

Cal State LA is a state of the art film school that is an ideal choice, whether you're looking to pursue a degree in Television, Film, Journalism, Media Studies, or Animation - or you would just like to learn filmmaking, screenwriting, television production, videography, DVD Authoring, Final Cut Pro, digital audio or other technical skills.




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