Cal State LA Studios - Final Cut Tutorial Pt. 3





Mac G5/Mac Pro
CD/DVD tray located on the front of the computer. USB flash drives can be inserted into the USB port on the keyboard.
To open the CD/DVD tray (or remove a disk that is not in use by an application), press the "EJECT" key on the keyboard.


If Final Cut Pro is running, first quit or "hide" the application before continuing.

Now, insert the audio CD (or data CD/DVD or USB flash drive) into the computer. Its icon should show up on the desktop.

Inserting a disk MAY cause the application iTunes or DVD Player to automatically start. If this happens, quit the iTunes or DVD Player application before proceeding.



Double-click the icon of the disk or flash drive, and a window will open, displaying its contents


Double-click the icon of your EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE, to display its contents as well.



Then - CLICK, DRAG, & DROP the desired file over to your HARD DRIVE to make a copy of it.





Once the file or files have been copied, EJECT your disk or flash drive by selecting its icon on the desktop and then pressing the "Eject" key.


Now re-open, or "un-hide" Final Cut Pro and select "Import > Files" from the "File" menu.

Next, in the "Choose a File" pop-up window, find the file you have just copied to your External Hard Drive, select it, and click "Choose" at the bottom of the window.


Your imported file is now listed in the browser window, and is available to use in your project.


(Don't forget to SAVE....)


Different types of files have different icons in the browser window


Repeat these steps to import additional files