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Introduction to Single Camera & Editing

TVF 200

These works are produced at California State University, Los Angeles, by students in the Television, Film, and Media Studies division of the Communication Studies Department.

In the Introduction to Single Camera & Editing course (TVF 200) taught by Matt Gatlin, students learn fundamental preproduction, production, and postproduction skills and techniques through lecture and lab sessions, various exercises, and the completion of individual and group projects. This 10-week course familiarizes students with the technology, applications, and design aesthetics that are elemental to the production of short subject visual media.

Music Video Productions:

The last two projects of the course are music video productions. Working in pairs or small groups, students produce, shoot, and cut two music videos - the first production allows students to use any piece of music they like, yet requires students to adhere to a set of strict production criteria. The guidelines for the final production allow for somewhat greater creative expression, and require each production team to shoot a music video performed by the song's original artist.

Cal State LA Studios:

The production area of the Television, Film, and Media Studies major is supported by state of the art production facilities, studios, postproduction labs and suites, and a host of professional grade resources including digital studio and control room equipment, and field production 16mm cameras, DV and HD camcorders and related support equipment.

Located a short 10 minute drive from the heart of Hollywood, Cal State LA enjoys a reputation as one of the foremost production schools in the California State University system.

About the Instructor:

Since the Summer of 2000, Matt Gatlin has been teaching production courses at Cal State L.A., including TVF200 - Introduction to Single Camera & Editing, TVF 201 - Introduction to Television Studio Production, and TVF 403C - Advanced Digital Postproduction for Film. In April of 2006, Gatlin received the Instructor Honoree Award at the 8th annual Golden Eagle Film Festival - an award voted on by students for their favorite instructor in the TVF Dept. In addition to Gatlin's part-time instructional work, he is also the full-time Broadcast Engineer and chief technical staff member for the Communication Studies Department.

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TVF 200 Music Videos

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