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This web page is intended to provide information to faculty and staff seeking to advise “AB 540 Students” and for undocumented nonresident high school and college students seeking information about their eligibility for AB 540 and resources.

State Law

On October 12, 2001, Governor Gray Davis signed into law Assembly Bill 540 (Stats. 2001, ch. 814) that added a new section 68130.5 to the California Education Code. Section 68130.5 created a new exemption from the payment of nonresident tuition for certain nonresident students who have attended high school in California and received a high school diploma or its equivalent. [Education Code section 68130.5]


California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Application Form (Adobe PDF file)
and General Information.

Living in the United States, A Guide for Immigrant Youth

Published by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (External website), the guide offers information about the ways that immigration status can impact a youth's ability to get a job, go to college, or remain in the United States.

Paying for College

Undocumented students, including AB 540 students are not eligible to apply for public financial aid, however, there are several private scholarships available that do not require residency. CSULB has a number of scholarships available to students. The following links are also recommended.

Student Support Group

AB 540 students and friends meet on a regular basis during the school year. The group advisors,Luz Borjon and Frank Cornelio, can be reached respectively at 323-343-4367 and 323-343-3127

The Future

Advising Training Material

AB 540 Advisor Training Presentation (Adobe PDF file)