Steps to Hiring

1. Classification & Pay Plan

The first step is to specify the position’s duties and tasks, and compare them to the Classification and Pay Plan published by the Career Center/Student Employment Office in order to determine the appropriate classification. Once the classification is determined, evaluate the pay rate according to the associated salary range.

Upon initial employment, consider the employee’s experience level and the corresponding pay rates of other student employees doing similar work.  Newly hired student employees generally begin at the minimum of the range, depending on experience and skills.

In order to encourage continuing employment for student employees, the supervisor may recommend and the Department Head/Fiscal Officer may approve salary increases. Supervisors must complete a Student Employee Performance Appraisal at least once per year, at which time a salary increase should be considered.

The classification and salary should not be determined by the source of funds, but by utilizing the classification standards outlined in the Classification and Pay Plan.

All position salaries must fall between the minimum and maximum of the appropriate salary range. Equitable salary treatment is essential to the morale of student employee positions and requires that student employee positions performing comparable tasks receive comparable wages, regardless of the classification as Student Assistant or Work Study positions. Department heads are responsible for adhering to this policy. 

2. Student Employment Requisition

Once you have determined the correct classification and wage, fill out the Student Employment Job Requisition form and submit it to the Student Employment Office. This form, when signed by the Department Head and Fiscal Officer, activates the position. 

3. Job Posting on Handshake

Before submitting the Job Requisition to the Student Employment Office - Login or create your on-campus employer account in Handshake, and create or update the job posting.

The position goes into a "pending bin" in Handshake. Upon approval by the Student Employment Coordinator, the posting is released.

Once the Student Employment Requisition has been approved by the Department Head/Fiscal Officer, and the position created on Handshake, send the completed and approved original requisition form to the Career Development Center, Student Employment Office (Mail Code: 8260-02).  The form will be reviewed according to the Classification and Pay Plan.  Please review the Supervisor’s Guide to Student Employment prior to posting a position.

4. Interview and Selection Process

The contact linked to the job posting will receive applications from students via Handshake (students apply directing through Handshake). The hiring department determines who to interview and invites those selected for an interview.

Success in hiring is the result of numerous managerial choices made throughout the process. The key decision points are:

  • Having requirements based on business necessity and job relatedness, using a standard interview format for all candidates to ensure consistency and fairness in the treatment of candidates.
  • Assessing each applicant immediately following the interview. Base your evaluations exclusively on interview information.
  • Evaluating each candidate by using a methodology that matches qualifications to measurable standards before comparing candidates to make the selection decision.
  • Using your Interview Record Form in the Student Employment Selection Process document to determine which candidates rated highest on the selection criteria most important to your position.
  • Use the entire spectrum in order to draw distinctions among applicants. Try not to place all your ratings in the middle or at the extremes. Be careful to balance out good and bad points about the applicants.
  • Involving all stakeholders in the process to give greater depth and breadth to the data gathering process.
  • Selecting the applicant who possess the qualifications needed to perform the duties of the job most effectively.

Then, update the application status of each applicant to designate hired/declined.

 5. Employee Transaction Form (ETF)

After selecting a student, and BEFORE starting work, the Employee Transaction Form must be completed with authorized signatures (Department Head/Fiscal Officer).  The student must bring the ETF to the Career Development Center for Student Assistant positions or to the Center for Student Financial Aid Office for Federal Work-Study positions. 

When hiring a Student Assistant, we request that you or the student contact the Student Employment Office by calling 323-343-3293 to schedule an appointment to be processed.  Appointments are recommended and encouraged; walk-ins are welcome on an available basis. 

All student employees must bring the following to their appointment:

  • Employment Transaction Form (ETF) provided by the hiring department (original and one copy)
  • Social Security card (original and one copy)
  • I-9 acceptable documentation (original and one copy)
  • Current class schedule
  • Previous semester's grades

All new student employees will complete the Student Payroll Action Request form (SPAR) and Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9) along with other hiring documents. 

6. Supervisor's Responsibilities upon Hiring Student Assistants

After completing the hiring documents, student employees will be given an Authorization to Begin Work form, which they must submit to their supervisors BEFORE beginning work.  The form verifies that the student completed all necessary documents and may begin working.  This authorization must be retained by the department. 

Student Employees may not begin working until the supervisor has seen the Authorization to Begin Work form issued by the Career Development Center-Student Employment Office for Student Assistants, or by the Center for Student Financial Aid for Federal Work-Study employees.

Once the supervisor has seen the Authorization to Begin Work form, please review the Environmental Health & Safety Supervisor Orientation Checklist (Mandatory) with the student employee.  After review, the Safety Orientation Checklist needs to be submitted immediately to the Student Employment Office for Student Assistants, or to the Center for Student Financial Aid for Federal Work-Study employees, .

In addition, please print out the Student Employee Handbook for the student.  The handbook is intended to provide general information and answer questions the student employee may have concerning his/her employment. 

You can an also review the Student Orientation Checklist to help you introduce the student to his/her new working area.