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Media Advisory: Expert sources available on global climate change

As Obama heads to summit and Kilimanjaro’s ice melts,

newsrooms look to refresh coverage of climate change


 Cal State L.A. experts offer news angles of developing world,

water cycles, West Coast patterns, teaching the science of it


Note to editors and news directors:  Headlines and airwaves next week will likely take measure of how the world’s climate is changing as President Barack Obama travels to Copenhagen to help launch a United Nations-sponsored summit on the issue of global climate change. Meanwhile, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) reported a month ago that the latest survey of ice fields atop Mount Kilimanjaro are receding so quickly that they could disappear in two decades.


As journalists prepare to look from Denmark to Tanzania, and beyond, for new angles on the issue of global climate change, the following trio of experts from California State University, Los Angeles is available for news interviews (contact Cal State L.A. Public Affairs, as noted above, for assistance):


Steve LaDochy, a professor of geography, is a climatologist and meteorologist with expertise on urban climates. Working with NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he has researched changing West Coast climates and climate variability caused by Pacific Ocean changes.  LaDochy will also be teaching Geology 312, “Global Climate Change and the Developing World.”  

(323) 343-2220


Hengchun Ye, a professor of geography and urban analysis, is a climatologist with specialization in hydroclimatology and climate change. Her research focuses on regional climate variability and change in high-latitude regions specifically on how snow accumulation and river discharges over northern Eurasia connect to the sea-surface temperatures and regional climate in the middle and low latitude.  Her recent research has focused on changes in precipitation and atmospheric water vapor associated with warming climate over Siberia. Dr. Ye is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin and Wenzhou).

(323) 343-2229


Paul J. Narguizian, a professor of biological sciences, is an expert on teaching science, particularly on the subject of global warming. He presented on the topic at the National Association of Biology Teachers Conference and to the Greater Los Angeles Teachers of Science Association. He is also knowledgeable on the impact of global climate change on mass extinctions and evolution.

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