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CSUMentorTM: CSU Unveils New
Student-Friendly Internet System

LOS ANGELES, CA - November 1, 1998 - The California State University (CSU) today announced the development of an Internet-based information system, CSUMentorTM that will aid prospective students in the college search, selection, and application process.

The CSUMentor TM system will make it easier and more convenient for prospective students and their families to locate timely information about CSU's 22 campuses. CSUMentor TM simplifies the somewhat complex and confusing process that some students have experienced in the past.

"We expect over 300,000 hits to this Web site within the first year," said Allison Jones, Senior Director of Access and Retention for the CSU. CSU has created a simpler, student-friendly process for choosing a CSU campus and applying for admission. We are reaching out to students as early as possible to ensure that they are prepared for this collegiate experience. This new system is going to aid tremendously in that respect."

CSUMentor TM is designed and developed by XAP Corporation. The website, www.csumentor.edu, will be unveiled officially for students use on November 1, 1998.

CSUMentor TM will enable high school students, beginning in the ninth grade, to enter personal and scholastic data from which a secure and private database is maintained on their behalf throughout their high school and CSU education. Using personal preferences selected by students, the system will determine which campuses closely match the students' needs and characteristics and allow them to take "virtual" tours of any CSU campus. In order to help students plan to meet minimum CSU entrance requirements,

CSUMentor TM suggests which high school courses to take, what grades they need, and when and where SAT and ACT testing will take place.

When students are ready to apply to the CSU, the Internet system can transfer information already provided to complete applications and forms and send them electronically to their campus of choice.

Best of all, the functions and services on the website are free to students.

The new system is part of the CSU's Integrated Technology Strategy "to provide enhanced levels of services to students and potential student through the use of technology." The CSU currently educates more than 350,000 students each year at 22 campuses located throughout the state.

XAP Corporation plans to take the "Mentor" vision and apply it to statewide university systems throughout the United States.

XAP Corporation provides client-server student processing systems that include computerized applications, interactive multimedia presentations, and website design for institutions of high education.

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