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Nobel Laureate & MacArthur Prize Winner in Physics
to Speak at Cal State L.A.'s 15th Annual
Leon Pape Memorial Lecture

Los Angeles, California -- April 22, 1998 -- Nobel Laureate Douglas D. Osheroff will speak on the topic, "Superfluidity in Helium-3: The Discovery Through the Eyes of a Graduate Student," at California State University, Los Angeles' 15th Annual Leon Pape Memorial Lecture. The presentation, sponsored by the Cal State L.A. Department of Physics and Astronomy, is free to the public and will be held on Friday, May 1, 1998, beginning at 2 p.m. in Physical Sciences, room 158, on the Cal State L.A. campus.

Dr. Osheroff is the J.G. Jackson and C.J. Wood Professor of Physics at Stanford University. His research focuses on the studies of quantum fluids and solids and glasses at ultra-low temperatures. The 1996 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Osheroff for his discovery, while still a graduate student, of superfluidity in helium-3. Helium-3, which has only one neutron in its nucleus, differs greatly from common helium-4 at extremely low temperatures, and undergoes a transition to three superfluid phases at a thousandth of a degree above absolute zero.

In addition to the Nobel Prize, Osheroff has received the Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching, the MacArthur Prize, the Oliver E. Buckley Prize, and the Simon Memorial Prize. Osheroff, who is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, joined the faculty of Stanford University as a professor of Physics and Applied Physics in 1987. He served as chair of the Physics Department from 1993 until August, 1996. Osheroff has a B.A. from Caltech and a Ph.D. from Cornell University.

The lecture series, honoring the late Leon Pape, a member of the Cal State L.A. Physics Department faculty from 1961 to 1971, brings Nobel Prize winners and distinguished experts in the science field to the campus. Past speakers have included Nobel Laureates Rosalyn S. Yalow, William A. Fowler, Linus Pauling, Hans A. Bethe, Leon M. Lederman, Francis H.C. Crick, and F. Sherwood Rowland.

For more information, call the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Cal State L.A., (323) 343-2100.

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