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July 20, 2007



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Pointing the way…
new vehicular signage!

New signage aims at upgrading vehicular directions and parking identification to current code and simplifying the system for both visitors and future planning.

Parking lots are now numerical and clockwise, beginning with Lot A becoming Lot 1. The parking structures are A through C, also clockwise and in sequence from the south. This is simpler to explain to visitors and easier for them to find and negotiate. Please pay attention only to the new parking signs, as the previous signage is being removed.

The vehicular signage also aims at helping visitors locate freeway entrances, minimizing “lost” traffic in nearby neighborhoods. The signage identifies campus exits, which freeway entrance is nearby, and what other freeway connection is possible via that particular entrance.

Maps are available at (Lot usage i.e. faculty, staff, students, disabled, etc., is unchanged.) A current valid CSULA parking permit must be displayed and visible at all times.

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