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June 16, 2005

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Cal State L.A. Removes Trees from
Campus Hillside

Cal State L.A has removed approximately 100 trees from a hillside area on the western edge of campus.

The university’s director of Facilities Services, John Ferris, a certified tree arborist, said that the removal was necessary because the trees’ root systems were in decline, unable to sustain the upper canopy, causing trunk splittage and dieback. “Several trees have fallen during the past year, fortunately without injury to person or property,” Ferris says. “Large portions of the trees left standing on the slope had either died or were showing signs of disease and decline. This was evidenced by broken limbs or large cracks running the length of many trees.”

The university is upgrading the irrigation system for the hillside before planting a safer and more aesthetic landscape with specimen trees more suitable to the location that will not present such risk to pedestrians and vehicles.

Due to the extensive and necessary preparation of the existing slope area Ferris estimates that new landscaping should be complete by the middle of October.

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