Professional Activities

Professional Activities

Kenneth Anderson (Biology and Microbiology) with Dennis Opheim, Quinnipiac College, made the presentation “Inquiry Based Microbial Exercises,” for the National Association of Biology Teachers, Phoenix, AZ, Oct. 26-29, 1995; was an invited participant in a speakers workshop for the National Academy of Science Education Standards committee; with Teresa Thomas, Southwestern College, participated in a conference of the National Academy of Sciences Board of Agriculture, “Agriculture’s Role in K-12 Education,” Irvine, CA, Nov. 17-18, 1995.

Daniel N. Crecelius (History) and Hamza Badr (Visiting Fulbright Scholar, History) chaired separate panels at the Middle East Studies Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C., Dec. 7-9, 1995.

Michael DeMiranda (Technology) made the presentation, “ISO 9000, Executive Summary of World Class Standard,” for the California Manufacturing Technology Center, CSLA, Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 9, 1995; with Ethan Lipton (Technology) made a research presentation entitled “Models and Variables for Articulated Programs in the United States: 2+2, 2+2+2 and Tech Prep,” for the National Association for Industrial Technology, Savanna, GA, Nov. 1995; presented “Cross Curricular Model for Technology Education” for the International Technology Education Association, Nashville, TN, Mar. 1995; made a professional presentation to small and medium manufacturers, “Rapid Manufacturing Modeling,” at California Manufacturing Technology Center, Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 24, 1995.

Domnita Dumitrescu (Modern Languages and Literatures) organized and chaired a special session on “The role of linguistics in the Spanish undergraduate curriculum” at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, San Diego, CA, Aug. 7-11, 1995; presented a paper, “El tema del exilio en la obra de Alina Diaconú,” on the topic of “Inmigración/Emigración: Exilios buscados y forzados” at the XIII Simposio Internacional de Literatura del Instituto Literario y Cultural Hispano, Aug. 14-18, 1995, Cal State Dominguez Hills; presented the paper, “Duplicación de clíticos, a personal y la teoría de la marcadez: Español madrileño vs. español porteño,” at the 12th International Congress of Hispanists, University of Birmingham, UK, Aug. 20-27, 1995; presented “Fenómenos paralelos de contacto con el inglés en el español y el rumano de Estados Unidos” at the 21st. International Congress of Romance Linguistics and Philology, Univ. of Palermo, Italy, Sept. 16-23, 1995; participant in discussion group on Romanian Studies at the MLA Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, Dec. 27-30, 1995; chaired and was panelist at the session, “Linguistic and Pedagogical Dimensions of Romanian language teaching in America,” where she presented a paper, “Contrastive Analysis and the Contemporary Romanian-As-a-Foreign-Language Classroom”; delivered the keynote address, “La voces poéticas de Octavio Paz,” at the Sigma Delta Pi initiation, UC Riverside, CA, Dec. 4, 1995.

Anthony Fratiello (Chemistry and Biochemistry) presented research results at a National American Chemical Society meeting, Anaheim, CA, Apr. 1995; presented research results at the Western Regional American Chemical Society Meeting, San Diego, CA, Oct. 1995.

Marilyn M. Friedman (Nursing) made the presentations, “Family Nursing: Education, Theory, Practice and Research,” at the Catholic University School of Nursing, Seoul, Korea and “Graduate Nursing Education” in the United States,” for the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok, Thailand, Sept. 1995.

Bernardo P. Gallegos (Educational Foundations and Interdivisional Studies) made the following conference presentations: with CSLA graduate students, R. Trinidad, A. Martinez, E. Garza and S. Villenas presented “Negotiating Mujer: Gender, Race, Class, and Represention in the Social Construction of Latina/Chicana” for the American Educational Studies Association, Chapel Hill, NC, Nov. 1995; with G. Anderson, “The Hidden Transcript of Research and Reform in Higher Education” and “Shifting Discourses of Identity: Being Indian in the Southwest,” for American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA, Spring 1995

Richardo J. Gómez (Philosophy) taught several doctoral seminars in Argentina from September to December 1995: “A Critical Introduction to the Methodology of the Social Sciences,” School of Business, Univ. of Buenos Aires; “Analytic Marxism,” Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Buenos Aires; “Philosophy of the Social Sciences,” and “Philosophy of Technology,” Dept. of Philosophy, and “Structure and Explanation in the Biological Sciences,” Dept. of Biology, Univ. of La Plata; presented the lecture series: “The Ethical and Political Implications of Technological Transfer,” Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Buenos Aires and “Neoliberalism: Its Epistemological Assumptions,” Univ. of Comahue. He participated as coordinator-commentator at the Symposium on Economics and Epistemology, Univ.of Buenos Aires; was a member of the Academic Committee of the 8th National Congress of Philosophy, Univ. of Mar del Plata, and chaired a session, Relations Between Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Technology; was an invited speaker at a Tribute to Karl Popper, organized by the Argentine Society of the Philosophical Association, Buenos Aires, June 1995; was invited to read a series of papers entitled, “Popperian Philosophy of Science and Its Implications to Current Trends in the Philosophy of Economics” at the Center For Interamerican Studies, Univ. of Quito, Ecuador, Dec. 18-22, 1995.

Ellen Kravitz (Music) delivered the paper, “Schoenberg as Artist: Another Look,” at the Joint Meeting of the Pacific Southwest and Northern California Chapters of the American Musicological Society, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA, Apr. 22, 1995.

Theresa Larkin (Theatre Arts and Dance) founder and artistic director (1993-95) of The Artists’ Collective (TAC) Nonprofit Theatre Incorporated, established TAC’s New Plays Reading Series, a monthly presentation of new works, in 1996; directed Los Enemigos for Teatro Universitario at Cal State L.A., 1995; directed Don Juan, The Trickster of Seville for Teatro Universitario at Cal State L.A., premiered Feb. 28, 1996.

Barry Lowenkron (Psychology) presented the paper, “Verbal Processes In Relational Matching to Sample,” at the Association for Behavior Analysis, Washington, DC, May 1995.

Gilbert Romero (Campus Ministries) delivered a paper, “Symbolic Interpretation in Hosea: Toward a Cultural Hermeneutic,” at the annual national meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, Philadelphia, PA, Nov. 20, 1995; led a group of Cal State L.A. students on a work/study project to Trujillo, Peru, where they worked in pueblos jovenes (poor sections of town) at tasks corresponding to field of study, primarily in medical clinics and a school for handicapped children, July 14-Aug. 14, 1995.

Rosemarie Marshall (Biology and Microbiology) presented a paper entitled, “Changing Faculty Role: Responsibilities, Challenges, and Rewards,” at the California Education Round Table Workforce Conference, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 1995.

President James M. Rosser was a participant in “America’s Needs and Higher Education’s Agenda” Conference, Pew Educational Foundation Roundtable and U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), Atlanta, GA, Feb. 3-4, 1995; was an invited participant in The Aspen Institute Executive Seminar for the Aspen Scholar, Aspen, CO, July 8-15, 1995; was moderator for the Fourth National Conference for Review of Undergraduate Education Public Forum, entitled “Diversity in the Scientific and Technological Workforce,” Washington, DC, Sept. 21-23, 1995.

Barbara Sinclair (Nursing) made the following presentations: “New Frontiers in Women’s Health,” at the general session for the National Meeting of Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, Nashville, TN, June 1995; “Changes in the Health Care Delivery System: Perspectives on the Health Care of Women,” for The American Association of Nurse Attorneys, National Convention, Chicago, IL, Oct. 1995; “Opportunities in Maternity Nursing and Women’s Health Care,” for National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc., Midyear Convention, Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 1995; “Nursing Education in the United States” and “An Update in Women’s Health Care,” at the School of Nursing, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain, Dec. 1995.

Hildebrando Villarreal (Modern Languages and Literatures) was a panelist in a session on “The role of linguistics in the Spanish undergraduate curriculum” at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, San Diego, CA, August 7-11, 1995.