U-SU Board of Directors - Meet The Candidates 2019


Ana Flores

I’m a current student leader on campus with the New Student and Parent Programs department who is equally passionate about student well-being and involvement. My services here include customer services, organization as well as leadership which have enabled me the development of interpersonal skills amongst colleagues and supervisors. In addition, I was selected for the 2019 Leadershape retreat where I was able to work on my leadership skills with the help of other great leaders and facilitators in collaboration and as a community. My Goal as member of the Student Board of Directors is to create activities and events  to connect both students and their supportive friends and families as they journey through their academic experience.


Livan A. Jimenez Rodriguez

My name is Livan Andres Jimenez Rodriguez and I would be a perfect fit to the U-SU Board of Directors because of past leadership skills I have developed as both a student and student leader on campus. I currently hold the position of event coordinator to the Cal State LA Pre-Law Society and previously held  the title of social/member-engagement chair for the organization. In past years, I have attended various welcoming and informative events held by different departments of the
U-SU. Having had the blessed opportunity of experiencing what the U-SU can provide for the Cal State LA community, I would love to spread awareness of the resources the U-SU has for Golden Eagles. Being queer and Latinx, it is important to me to feel safe in my academic environment. As a student leader, my goal is to make sure people are heard, feel safe, learn, and most importantly enjoy themselves in our community. There's nothing stronger than a unified community that serves as a safe space for knowledge and cultural expression. As part of board of directors, I hope to continue this vision.


Jaycen Mitchell

I’d make an excellent addition to the U-SU BOD because of the perspectives I bring to the table. Coming from a triple minority background, I feel as though I can give a voice to and represent the underrepresented; our black and LGBTQ+ students. As it stands, I am the cofounder/copresident of a student organization called
“Family LA” which emphasizes creating community and pushing for more civic engagement. I’m also a member of the Honors College. This year I hope to boost student awareness/engagement of on-campus resources and opportunities as well as creating a student culture here at Cal State LA. Being a commuter campus, many students go from home to class and then right back home. As a strong advocate for creating community, I believe it is possible for a stronger student body to form and have a culture that can outmatch other campuses. If students are more invested in our school community then we will be able to make greater
change happen!


Candy Noriega

I have been on the board for the past 2 years and I will currently be completing my 3rd year. I have worked my way up to the position of Chair and have seen how things work, what it takes to get things done as well as the time it takes to actually make it a reality. I am currently working on bringing some new things to the union and would like to continue that momentum. I want to be able to bring my knowledge and connections to the new board and hit the ground running to bring some new changes as well as a few old events that I was given the opportunity to experience during my first year at Cal State LA. Yet, to be able to do that I would like to work on the connection of the U-SU Board of Directors and ASI. I look forward to making connections with the upcoming ASI administration. I know this may seem like a repeat of prior years, but things are difficult to complete in just one year without looking into logistics first. I've set the foundation for new ideas and changes so I want to complete them and make sure things get done for once.


Duy Nguyen

I’m interested in this position because I would like to be a part of making positive changes to the Cal State LA community. I want to serve in a leadership position in order to understand my classmates needs and how to improve the quality of student experience. I’m interested in exploring and developing effective ways to assist the management of University-Student Union, and how to develop and work toward goals in order to enhance student life on campus. I’m enthusiastic to connect with students, staff, and members in the community, and how we can work together to create effective changes for the university. I want to strengthen the relationship of
U-SU with students by making sure that their voices are heard clearly, how to make these resources and services more accessible, and how to build a stronger community together at Cal State LA. I would like to be a positive difference-maker not only on campus but also in the community here at
Cal State LA. If selected for this position, I would be honored to serve on the U-SU Board of Directors.


Juan C. Topete

As an active student leader here at Cal State LA I believe I am qualified to be a part of the U-SU BOD because of the excellent leadership skills I have learned, my connection with my community, and work as a representative of the campus. I am currently the president of The Queer Connection, a student Ambassador for our campus, and an active participant in many of the events and programs offered by the U-SU. My goal as a board member would be to increase community engagement and student professional development. I would help promote community engagement by advocating for programs and events that encourage student discourse on various issues and topics that concern marginalized communities such as the Latinx, LGBTQ, and African American population. To help promote student professional development I would help push for programs and workshops that helps students prepare to navigate the professional field post-graduation.


Alyssa Wong

It would be an honor to serve as one of the University-Student Union Board of Directors. As a first year Honors College student, I’ve made it a priority to attend various events such as ones hosted by the Cross Cultural Center and Center for Student Involvement. I’ve experienced how these events have allowed students to become more active on campus and become engaged members of the Cal State LA community. I am passionate about encouraging this student involvement and engagement by continuing to strengthen the positive relationship between the University-Student Union and community alike. I look forward to reaching out and connecting with the Cal State LA students, faculty, and community members to ensure their voices are heard. Whether it be to provide improved or new events, resources, or services, as a U-SU Board of Directors I want to stress the importance of effectively and consistently offering support, advocacy, and management towards the
University-Student Union. Ultimately, I hope to build a supportive and strong environment at the U-SU that will continue to foster and encourage Cal State LA pride and community involvement.


Koralen Xavage

Hey! My name is Koralen Xavage. I am currently a Business Administration major optioning in Healthcare Administration. I am currently a Peer Health Educator with the Student Health Advisory Committee. I am employed as an Orientation Leader under the New Student and Parent Programs. I am an active member of
Hermanos Unidos at Cal State LA. I was also involved in this year’s CSI’s leadership retreat to Lake Arrowhead. While I am a Business major, I continue to progress on my interests outside. I am pursuing this position because I want to be involved within our university’s community as a positive influence. I want to continue to develop myself so I can continue to thrive and give back.