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University 4010

University 4010 (UNIV 4010) is a three-unit course that serves as an alternative to the WPE. The course is designed mainly for students who have difficulty performing well in timed writing situations due to writing anxiety or other problems. In the class, the instructor will discuss writing strategies and common writing problems, but most of the class time will be spent writing and revising essays. The instructor will guide and assist students during the writing process and give them feedback on their essays in written comments and individual conferences.

Students in UNIV 4010 produce a portfolio of work designed to demonstrate their writing ability. During the semester, students will plan, write, revise, and proofread at least five essays, two of which will be selected for inclusion in the portfolio. In addition, they write one timed essay similar to the WPE, which is also included in the portfolio. Each portfolio is evaluated by two instructors, neither of whom is the student’s own instructor. A passing portfolio is equivalent to a passing score on the WPE. Please read this document for information on how the portfolios are scored.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for UNIV 4010, undergraduates must first complete the General Education written communication (GE A2) and critical thinking and composition (GE A3) requirements.

Transfer students usually satisfy this prerequisite by taking a transferrable CSU A3 Critical Thinking course prior to entering Cal State LA.

Go to the English Department's website for more information about University writing requirements. Please see the University Catalog for complete details.

How do I enroll?

Whether you have taken the WPE or not, all eligible students enroll in UNIV 4010 on GET. If the section you want to add is full, GET will automatically add you to the waiting list, and if a space opens up, the system will automatically place you in the class. (Note: You must pay your fees before you will be allowed to enroll in a class.)

Books and Materials:

Most instructors do not require a text for the course; however, the instructor will expect students to have access to a college-level dictionary and a standard grammar and style handbook. Some assignments will require reading magazines and newspapers.

Out of Class Assignments:

Because the acquisition of language obtained from reading is an essential part of writing improvement, reading journals and other assignments are an important part of this course. Failure to complete the required assignments may result in the final portfolio being disqualified. In addition, your instructor may advise or require you to meet one or more times with a tutor in the University Writing Center.

Attendance Policy:

Students are expected to attend every class meeting and complete every assignment. A student who has missed more than 20% of the course or has failed to complete every assignment may not be allowed to submit a final portfolio.