ARTP College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Date Approved: October 2008


Review of Personnel Policies and Procedures

Recruitment of Probationary Faculty

Appointment of Probationary Faculty

Confidentiality of Personnel Deliberations

Personnel Action Files


Insertion of new materials after the filing deadline must have the approval of the College ARTP committee.

Individualized Professional Plans

College Faculty Evaluation Committees


One committee at College level

Composition of College Personnel Committees (ARTP)

Committee Title and Responsibilities

ARTP Committee:

Number of Members:

Five (5) (Full Professors)

Single transferable voting method

Number of Alternates:

One (1) (Full Professor)

Single transferable voting method


Four (4) members shall constitute a quorum.

Recommendations shall be approved by at least three (3) members (simple majority of the committee).

Other relevant Factors, if any:

The College ARTP Committee consists of five (5) department representatives and an alternate for each department.

Each Department ARTP Committee is responsible for Individualized Professional Plans and Range Elevation.

Committee Procedures

Review of Faculty Holding Joint Appointments and of Faculty Active in Interdisciplinary Programs

Evaluation of Permanent Instructional Faculty


Category A

  1. Effective teaching pedagogical approaches can also include service learning.

Eligibility for Tenure and Promotion


The appropriate terminal degree(s) for the College is/are : Ph.D., Ed.D., D.I.T., D.P.A., Sc.D.

The appropriate College Committee to make recommendations on the in lieu statement is: Faculty Affairs Committee.

Procedures for Nomination and Recommendation for Promotion

Oral Testimony

Appointment of Temporary Faculty

Evaluation of Temporary Faculty

Consideration for Range Elevation

Review of College Personnel Procedures